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Education in a Changing World 

The world, societies, and cultures have always evolved, but nowadays they are evolving at an exponential speed.

 In the past, it would take hundreds or thousands of years to move from an era to another, but nowadays a person may experience more than an era in his/her lifetime.

The future will be even more fast paced. So, what kind of education should we offer our young learners?

 First, we need to help them become strong individuals who can handle these changes, understand them,  figure out the best choices and make good decisions.

We should focus on real values that are not trapped in the past, but are alive and can make sense in any time period.

 At school, whether they are learning about science, art, or culture, they should learn more than just facts.

 They should learn how to analyze things well so that they can understand them.

They should work together and share what they know. They should also be active, doing things like moving, running, dancing, and playing sports because life just like school is a multidisciplinary field.

In short what we offer is true wisdom of life.

We give them abilities and skills that artificial intelligence can never replace, abilities that suit their own personalities and imaginations, and skills like asking questions, thinking critically and seeing the big picture in a complicated world.


Only those who are well-prepared can truly appreciate the beauty of the world! 

Fr. Antoine Assaf