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Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid Office 

The Financial Aid office at Sagesse High School offers financial assistance to families unable to cover tuition costs through reductions in tuition fees. Parents seeking financial aid can initiate the process by contacting the school to schedule an appointment with the social aid officer .



To be eligible for tuition assistance provided by the the Financial Aid office, families need to:

·       Complete and submit the financial aid application if applying for the first time.

·       Present an evidence of cleared tuition fees from previous academic years.

·       Submit the following documents with the application form:


1.     Salary attestation for every employed family member

2.     Duplicate of the family's civil status documentation

3.     Recent bills for electricity, generators, etc.

4.     Siblings' university account statement (if applicable)

5.     Original passport for each family member

6.     Duplicate of the vehicle registration

7.     Duplicate of the house title deed or the lease agreement

8.     Bank statement for loan verification purposes (if applicable)

9.     Medical report in case of sickness

10.  Duplicate of the health insurance receipt

11.  Termination documents in case of job loss

Financial aid applications are valid for one academic year, and a new application is required for each new academic year.

The financial aid office retains the authority to examine or withdraw any granted award if incorrect or falsified information is uncovered, or if errors are identified in the assessment of need and eligibility for assistance.

A home visit to the family may be required in order to receive the aid.