Sagesse High School

Mary Mother of Wisdom


ADMISSION 2024-2025

Introduction Summary:

Thank you for your interest in considering Sagesse High School as a potential school for your child. We recognize our moral responsibility to ensure applicants clear guidelines and procedures for admissions to Sagesse High School. In this section, you will find details on our admissions policies and procedures, as well as the application process. 

Book A Tour:

 If you wish to book a tour of the school prior to applying, please send an email request to You will be contacted by the Admissions Officer to set a suitable date and time.

Enrol Your Child:

The admissions guidelines for applying to Sagesse High School are clearly indicated in our Admissions Policy. New applicants are advised to read the Admissions Policy in full prior to applying. 

Admissions Policy:

The policy outlines the requirements, guidelines and procedures that the school undertakes with all new applicants. We strongly advice that you please read the following policy in full detail before submitting your application form. Our policy outlines in detail the admissions processes and procedures and what is required 
during the application process from local/international applicants.

Application Form:
The application form should be filled out in full detail by a parent or legal guardian. The documents that the school administration and admissions committee require are listed in the application form and should be submitted in full.

Please note the following important notes:

-    Sagesse High School accepts applicants based on the availability of places per grade/division
-    Incomplete application forms will not be processed
-    Incomplete submission of all required documents will not be processed
-    All applications will be viewed by the admissions committee , headed by the school Rector, who holds the final decision on who gets accepted to the school

Setting an Appointment:

In order to provide new applicants with the required time to process and submit their applications, the school requests that you kindly call and set an appointment with the Admissions Officer in order to submit your applications. Kindly note that the school’s policy does not allow for walk-ins and applicants are welcome by appointment only.
Please send an email to or call the school on 01-872145/6/7/8- ext. 173.