Sagesse High School

Mary Mother of Wisdom

Upper Elementary

The Upper Elementary Division at Sagesse High School includes grades 4, 5 and 6, both Lebanese and American programs. At Sagesse we seek to help Upper Elementary students develop academic competency, self-motivation, a positive self-image, and respect for others. Subjects taught are English, Arabic, French, Math, Science, Social Studies, Catechism, ICT, Music, Art, P.E and SLS -Sagessian Life Skills.

Students participate in curricular and extra-curricular activities such as School Fairs, Christmas and Talent shows, Spelling bee, Trips, mass, activities organized by the Christmas Life Department, Active Citizen Program and Student organization Juniors.

Upper Elementary Students participate in afterschool activities on campus such as mini- football, basketball, gymnastics, hip hop, choir and robotics. Students have the option of joining the afterschool tutoring center as well.

The Special Education Department and the Counseling department both stive to ensure the healthy growth of young minds and provide the necessary guidance and support for our students.

Teachers in the Upper Elementary Division are always ready to take on the challenges of teaching our diverse body of students supported by parents and the school administration.

Our faith in our students’ potential, our love to our school, determination and commitment to provide a well-rounded education is our key to success.

Looking forward to a very fruitful 2023-2024 Academic Year.