Sagesse High School

Mary Mother of Wisdom



Education is changing, and we have to lead the change!

We at SHS believe that in an era marked by rapid technological discoveries and the quick development and spread of AI, we must take the lead in the field of education. So, rather than waiting for change, we have decided to create it.

Throughout the years, knowledge transmission and information distribution have played a significant role in the teaching and learning process; however, now EVERYONE KNOWS! Everyone knows what she/he wants to know with a single finger click. In the light of all what is happening, the basis of education is shaking. Education in the coming period must move beyond the traditional teaching and learning methods and instead, embrace the development of skills and strategies under the dominance of technology that will allow individuals to prosper in a dynamically changing world.

SHS Academic Department is changing the fundamental aspects of its academic strategy. Curiosity, creativity, and communication (CCC) are the new fundamental aspects of our new academic strategy.



Curiosity in learning is a powerful and necessary driving force that fuels our need to investigate, comprehend, and solve the problems of our surroundings. Curiosity in learning is about using one's natural desire to explore and discover. It transforms learning from a passive process of knowledge absorption to an active, dynamic, and deeply rewarding journey of discovery. Curiosity is associated with inquiry, knowledge, investigation, and risk-taking; it is also a way of thinking that encourages lifelong growth and development.

Curiosity embeds critical thinking, inquiry, risk-taking, problem-solving, knowledge, investigation, resilience, patience, growth, and long-life learning.


Learning through creativity is a dynamic and transformative process that goes beyond typical knowledge acquisition. It entails the creation of fresh and original ideas, the examination of other viewpoints, and the use of innovative thinking to solve issues and produce meaningful solutions. Creativity improves learning by encouraging invention, critical thinking, and a deeper comprehension of subjects.

Creativity is based on critical-thinking, comprehension, inquiry, risk-taking, problem- solving, deep knowledge, investigation, resilience, patience, academic and emotional growth, and long-life learning.


Communication in learning is a fundamental activity that is critical to knowledge acquisition and dissemination. It entails the sharing of information, ideas, feelings, and emotions amongst individuals, thereby bridging the gap between students, teachers, and the subject matter. Effective communication improves learning by encouraging comprehension, engagement, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Communication involves comprehension, knowledge, engagement, respect, patience, collaboration, critical thinking, acceptance, confidence, academic and emotional growth, and long-life learning.

At the end, we conclude the following:

·       Our 3 Cs are the core of our Academic Vision!

·       Don’t Wait for the Change; Lead the Change!

·       At SHS, We Don’t Teach Lessons; We Guide Thinkers!

Mireille Kopaly

Academic Director