Sagesse High School

Mary Mother of Wisdom

Lower Elementary

Welcome to SHS Lower Elementary Division!


For the past thirty years, SHS has been committed to providing a learning environment that fosters the academic, social, emotional, and physical development of all our students. As the theme of this year suggests 30 years of Sagacity, Hope, and Success“, our team is dedicated to preparing our students for Success by equipping them with Sagacity and Hope.

The Lower Elementary Division opens the door to various opportunities that transform our students into well-rounded individuals. We work, in partnership with parents, to ensure the holistic development of our children. Each day holds a new opportunity as we strive to instill a love of learning in our students by providing engaging and meaningful experiences that inspire curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. At SHS, our students are empowered with knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become lifelong learners who are confident, compassionate, and committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Keep shining bright with Sagacity, stay full of Hope, and it is always our pleasure and honor to be there for you throughout your educational journey as you take your daily steps towards more Success.

Rita Mahfouz Abi Hanna

Head of Lower Elementary Division