Sagesse High School

Mary Mother of Wisdom

Intermediate & Secondary LP

Collaborating with our dedicated teachers, supportive staff, and involved parents, Sagesse team members are committed to creating a nurturing educational environment that celebrates diversity, promotes self-worth, and equips our students for a bright and successful future. Students from grades 7 to 12 organized different activities since the beginning of this academic year.


The senior class of 2024 initiated their final year at LP with a heartwarming senior breakfast. This event provided an opportunity for students to come together with their teachers, head of division, academic director, and rector. Amidst the delightful food, students took a moment to reflect on the significance of school in their lives, setting a beautiful tone for the upcoming year. Filled with love and appreciation, the seniors now embark on their last journey at LP, understanding that true happiness often arises from savoring a leisurely breakfast.

In addition, in the Secondary division organized an exciting inter-class football tournament during their breaks. Simultaneously, in the basement, both students and teachers engaged in friendly table tennis matches, injecting an extra element of fun into their break times. The Head of Division actively participated in the daily life of the students, making regular classroom visits to offer guidance, raise awareness, and address any issues or concerns they may encounter at school.