Sagesse High School

Mary Mother of Wisdom

Intermediate & Secondary AP & IBDP

Dear Students,

Welcome to another promising academic year filled with great aspirations and anticipations!

We have chosen “Inquire, Learn and Share” as the theme of the year. Inquire to broaden your perceptive and discover new aspects of your surroundings. Seize the opportunity to learn new concepts and develop your skills. Most importantly, live your values by sharing your knowledge, experiences, and kindness to your community.  

At school, we always strive to give you the opportunity to grow and develop into well-rounded global citizens who are compassionate, empathetic, and active members of their communities. Our faculty and staff are always ready to guide and support you throughout the year, and hopefully you will all achieve your goals. 

I wish you all a wonderful and successful academic year!

Best regards,

Lady Maalouf

IB & AP Coordinator                                                                                                                                 
Head of Intermediate and Secondary Division- AP & IBDP                                                                                                    
Accreditation Internal Coordinator