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Students' Organization

SO represents a unique group of students from intermediate and secondary divisions who possess strong leadership skills. Under the guidance of the Students’ Organization Advisor, students will work together to plan and execute various school events and activities. The Students’ Organization is an excellent opportunity for students to develop teamwork, responsibility, and citizenship. The SO includes 5 committees:  

Charity Committee:

Students in this committee will be responsible for organizing and managing charity events either by collecting money or aid packages.

Fundraising Committee:

Students in this committee will be responsible for planning specific events and activities to raise the amount of money needed to meet the proposed budget.

 Environment Committee:

This committee engages students in environmental and sustainability issues, seeks to improve the environmental responsibility, and strives to make SHS a leading example on implementing environment policies.

 Sports Committee:

Students in this committee collaborate with the Physical Education Department to organize sports activities.

 Social Media Committee:

This committee is responsible for extensive coverage of Active Citizen Project Department (ACP) events. Prepares press releases and posts updates on social media.