Sagesse High School

Mary Mother of Wisdom


Welcome to SHS Preschool Division!

Our Preschool Division offers a comprehensive program that includes KG1, KG2, and KG3 classes. Each class is tailored to meet the specific developmental needs of children at different stages of early childhood education. We focus on building a strong foundation for learning through play-based activities and social interaction, nurturing curiosity and fostering a love for exploration. We further develop literacy and numeracy skills while encouraging independent thinking, critical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. Our holistic approach also emphasizes the wellbeing of our students, promoting social and emotional development alongside academic growth.We prepare our students for the transition to the next level by honing their academic abilities and further developing life skills such as resilience, adaptability, and collaboration, ensuring they are well-equipped for their educational journey ahead. Our goal is to provide a seamless and enriching educational experience for our young Sagessians as they progress through our Preschool Division.