Sagesse High School

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Sagesse AfterSchool Center




SAGESSE AFTERSCHOOL CENTER (SAC) caters for the needs and interests of Sagesse High School students through its Academic Center, Coding & Robotics Club, and Sports Academy. Our goal is to provide a holistic, caring, and supportive environment that enhances students’ academic outcome, and physical performance while fostering a positive and enriching atmosphere outside of regular school hours.



Our afterschool academic center will help students study and communicate better with their teachers and their peers. It is an opportunity to increase the students’ feeling of belonging to their school. Students will study in a pleasant, professional, and well-supervised environment.

The program caters for the needs of our regular and SED students starting from grade 1 to grade 12 LP&AP, on daily basis, from 2:45 pm to 4:30 pm including Fridays.

Tutors work with students in small groups or on one-to-one basis and provide them with the kind of guidance and motivation necessary to help them achieve better results. Our tutors give the students the time and attention they need to work on their homework assignments.


The Academic Center will provide 3 academic services for our students:

1-    Study Group helps students to

·   Receive guidance and professional supervision in their daily studies;

·   Acquire good study habits;

·   Improve their attitude towards learning and school in general;

·   Have a sense of belonging;

·   Avoid tension with their parents regarding studying and school duties.


2-    Subject Sessions (Reinforcement) helps students to

·   Increase knowledge and understanding of subjects for better results;

·   Have better time management.


3-    Private Tutoring helps students to

·   Increase knowledge and understanding of subjects for better results;

·   Fill the gaps accumulated from previous years;

·   Improve self-esteem and confidence.

As stipulated in the school policy, “private tutoring should be considered as a last resort solution       for the lack of academic performance of a student.”

o   The cost, time, and duration of session will be agreed upon between the parents and the teacher         concerned. The school provides the location.