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Sagessian Life Skills

This course is offered from K1 till Gr. 12, aims to build responsible, independent, confident, cooperative, respectful, and positive citizens, who are mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually healthy. The Sagessian Life Skills course will be an integration of the existing ProtectED course with appropriate Life Skills. The main goal of the course is to allow students to reflect upon their current lives and apply healthy life-style choices.

As part of the Sagessian Life Skills course, students will be empowered with the knowledge, skills, and preventative measures they need for a safe future. The core subjects covered include physical safety, personal safety, citizenship, ethics, anti-bullying, internet, technology safety, emotional safety, healthy living (physical fitness, healthy eating, weight management), psychosocial components of health, stress management, sexual health, disease awareness and prevention, and substance use, misuse, and abuse. Students will learn how to apply creative thinking, critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving to everyday life circumstances.