Students' Organization

Students' Organization


  • The Student’s Organization at Sagesse High School is led by a group of secondary students who serve on committees to enhance the school’s general learning environment for the student body in the Intermediate and Secondary Divisions.
  • The student’s organization platform gives its members a strong sense of teamwork and responsibility.
  • Members of the student’s organization believe in unity, cooperation, and commitment.


Under the supervision of the Student’s Organization President and in coordination with the Student’s Organization Advisor, our committees operate as following:

  • The Parties’ Committee organizes school parties for elementary students.
  • The Sports Committee collaborates with the Physical Education Department to organize sports activities and tournaments.
  • The Student Development Committee researches new ideas, attends workshops, and takes part in competitions held by NGOs, schools, and universities.  
  • The Charity Committee collaborates with the Catechism Department to organize activities for charity.

However, after the pandemic it was modified.

  • In order to involve more students in SHS Student’s Organization, the Students’ Organization registration is open for the Secondary and Intermediate students.
  • The Head of Committees will be assigned from the Secondary and Intermediate Divisions.
  • The registration is open for everyone.
  • Each member may serve on one or more committees, if he/she can fulfill his/ her duties.
  • The committees have been modified to suit the online and/ or the on-site activities.

As for the committees they became as following: 

  • Talent Show Committee:

Students in this committee will be responsible for organizing performances for the intermediate and secondary divisions. The performances include art, dancing, singing, playing music instruments and acting. 

  • Media Committee:

Students in this committee will be responsible for organizing and managing interviews with experts of different professions discussing the impact of Covid-19 in local and global issues as well as their fields. 

  • NGO Committee:

Students in this committee will submit a list of various NGOs that should reflect SHS catholic spirit, to the Board Members in order to obtain their approval. Following the approval, members of this committee will present a short video introducing each NGO separately, which include their overall purpose and missions. 

  • Charity Committee: 

Students in this committee will be responsible for organizing and managing charity activity(s), and find deliberate ways to fund each project, either monetary or aid packages such as food and necessary products.