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“Scouts du Liban” and “Guides du Liban” are both non-profit associations whose only purpose is to serve the community by nurturing a strong, independent, responsible, and caring youth. Both associations abide by the laws of Sir Baden Powell, the founder of scouts and scouting worldwide. Through activities, workshops, camps, and games, the Scouts Masters, for boys and girls alike, work on developing different areas of a scout's personality and social skills.

Our mission is to help them:

- Build confidence and a strong personality by holding responsibility.
- Develop empathy while learning how to give without expecting anything in return.
- Develop in spirituality while deepening their knowledge of God, Jesus, and the Bible.

During our weekly meetings held on school campus, we initiate various activities related to a yearly theme. For this academic year, 2016-2017, the theme for the “Guides du Liban Association” is “L'echo de Nos Voix”, and for the “Scouts du Liban Association”, “Fidèles Comme Toi”. We also organize camps throughout the year.  

Scouts du Liban - Eclaireurs

“Eclaireurs” are boy scouts recruited from grade 7 up to grade11. They meet once a week.

Scouts du Liban - Routiers

“Routiers” are young men who are17 years old and above. They meet twice a month and have adventurous activities outside school campus.

Guides du Liban - The Jeannettes

“Jeannettes” are girl scouts recruited from grade 3 up to grade 5. They meet once a week.

Guides du Liban - The Guides

“Guides” are girl scouts recruited from grade 6 up to grade 9.  They meet once a week.  


For more information kindly contact:

Scouts du Liban ACG :                                                       Guides du Liban CG :

Anthony Bechay : +961 71 639 849                                    Yara Mouzannar   +961 71 899 068

Sincerely yours,
The Scouts Masters