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Prom Committee

Prom Committee


The Prom Committee is designed for the senior classes, in order to guide them and help them to develop their skills:

  • Communicating;
  • Planning;
  • Evaluating;
  • Scheduling;
  • Taking decisions;
  • Taking initiatives; and
  • Taking responsibility.

The Prom Committee members are expected to operate as individuals and as a team.



  • To represent his/her classmates responsibly by reflecting their opinions;
  • To treat his/her classmates equally;
  • To respect the school rules;
  • To attend all the Prom Committee meetings that will take place during breaks;
  • To discuss any concerns of classmates, that are related to the Prom night, and to initiate actions;
  • To respect the membership’s rules, otherwise, classmates will be allowed to vote to disqualify the member;
  • To propose and plan fundraising activities throughout the academic year;
  • To determine the approximate budget for the Prom Night expenses; and
  • To organize the prom night.