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Meet your Chairs

HRC Chairs:

Kristina Eid will be one of the HRC chairs for the SHSMUN ‘17 conference. She was born on the 24th of June in 1999. She has attended 4 conferences during her MUN journey. 3 of the con-ferences took place in Lebanon, and one international conference in the Netherlands (LeMUN). Kristina highly believes that MUN can help develop leadership and confidence skills. MUN has helped her gain public speaking skills, and it aided her to gain different perspectives of issues from people of different backgrounds. Kristina has been dancing for more than 8 years, she en-joys Classical Ballet and Contemporary dancing. This will be her first chairing experience and she hopes for a fruitful and successful debate. Good luck delegates!!

“Professional email”:  Elyssa_kristina@hotmail.com

My name is Sasha Azar and I'm seventeen years old. I like reading and my favorite sport is football. I don't watch T.V. much, but I love playing Legend of Zelda in my free time. I'm a Leo, and most of my friends call me the most stereotypical Leo there could be. This being my first time chairing, I'm extremely excited to see how the debate on the legalization of abortion goes. I know it's a very controversial topic, but I feel like those always lead to the most interesting debates with unexpected outcomes at times. If you want to reach me,

I'm always available at my email: azarsasha@yahoo.com

Hi I’m Zein, 17, and I’ll be one of HRC chairs. I’ve been in MUN for three years now. I’ve taken part in 3 MUN conferences. However, it’s my first time contributing as a chair, rather than a delegate.  I enjoy painting, playing instruments, and talking to people. I attended my first conference with the fear of debating and speaking up in front of people, but throughout the three years, MUN has built my confidence and his given me the ability to gain a wider perspective as a result of debating against various viewpoints.

Email: zein_nayal@hotmail.com

Spec. Conf Chairs:

Hello, my name is Firas Haddad . I am 17 years old. Throughout my MUN experience I have attended 7 national conferences, and 2 international conferences. I spend my free time watching TV series, and reading books. MUN, however, is by far one of my favorite co-curricular activities. This year, I am going to be chairing the Special Conference alongside two of my good friends Natasha Trad, and Ralph Majdalani.

Email: haddadfeeras@gmail.com

Ralph Majdalani was born on January, the 1st, 2000. He has been a student at Sagesse High School for 14 years and an MUNer since 2013. He has taken part in five conferences that have gained him valuable experiences. Ralph joined MUN in hopes of it aiding him in University, but instead it gave him a key to a new world filled with skills and opportunities. Ralph enjoys sports, whether it is watching or playing, and his free time is filled with playing video games and listening to music. Ralph hopes that the debate will be enjoyable for all delegates and wishes everyone good luck.

Email: ralph_majdalani@outlook.com

My name is Natasha Trad. I'm 17 years old. I have attended 7 MUN conferences, and I'm going to chair the special conference at SHSMUN ‘17 with my fellow chairs Firas Haddad and Ralph Majdalani. I am very responsible and kind, but you would love to be around me at my funniest moments. One of my many hobbies is writing lyrics and singing. I listen to music most of the time, and I love listening to covers. I was a gymnast for 7 years, but I stopped; this is one of the few things that I regret. I crack lame jokes and I laugh a lot. My best characteristic would be my loyalty, and all my friends come to me for advice. I hope everyone will enjoy this conference and have fun.

Email: tachatrad@hotmail.com

ECOSOC Chairs:

My name is Marianne Hassoun. I am an 18 year old senior. At first, I joined MUN for the added value on my college application; however, over the years, I found that MUN was much more than that. I have joined about 5 MUN conferences including one abroad in the Netherlands (LEMUN). Other than MUN, I find myself doing various activities, such as reading, writing and watch series. This will be my first chairing experience in an MUN conference and I hope to make it the best and most enjoyable as possible. This year I have the honor to chair the ECOSOC committee that holds exciting topics for delegates and for the chairs themselves. I hope this conference will be as entertaining as possible, and wish everyone good luck! 

Email: mhassoun88@gmail.com

Sevag Eknadossian is a student in grade 11 at Sagesse High School. He is part of the SHS basketball team. He have been an MUNer for 3 years, participated in 4 conferences so far, and won 1 award. He will be traveling to Ireland to attend a conference abroad, and hopes that this experience in a conference with people from all around the world will improve his contribution to the SHSMUN’17. 

Email:  sevag2000@hotmail.com

SC Chairs:

Alondra Madi: Hey young leaders! I’ve been an MUNer for around 3 years and those were the best 3 years of my life. I’m a scout and all kinds of sports grab my attention. Other than sports, travelling is one of the things I like to do most. Like most people, music is one of the most essential things in my life and I love the song “Love Today” by Mika. You better memorize it because we will be jamming it in the conference! Just joking. One surprising fact about me is that I have 6 nieces and nephews! Being the Security Council’s chair is a great thing for me, and I am counting on making this conference one of the most memorable ones. So if you’re in the Security Council, you’re a lucky delegate.

Email: alondramady@hotmail.com

Hello delegates!! My name is Despina Bashour and I’m 17 years old. I turn 18 in March and I cannot wait to get my driver’s license!! I’ve joined MUN three years ago and I loved it. I’ve had some unforgettable experiences and I advise all delegates to make the best out of their conferences.*come well prepared ;)* 

Mmmm….. What else?? Well I’m a piano player, I’ve been playing since I was really young and I love it. I’m also a scout and I love the outdoors. 

I’ll be one of the chairs this year for the Security Council Committee and I’ll be putting all my effort to make this one of the best conferences you have ever attended. I’m so looking forward to this conference and can’t wait to meet you all!!!!

Email: des_pina99@hotmail.com

CC Chairs:

Jad Ardakani is one of the Chairs at the Crisis Committee. He was born on the 30th of April in 1999 and began his prolific MUN journey five years ago. Jad has attended fifteen MUN conferences as a delegate, three of which were international, including PAMUN XIV in Paris’s UNESCO headquarters. Jad's hobbies include playing tennis, football, and the piano. As this is his third and last conference as a chair, he is expecting a fruitful debate and well-experienced delegates who have the ability to think critically when tackling crises. 

Email: jadardakani@gmail.com

Chafic-Christopher Hasbani was born  and raised in the city of London. Upon his arrival to Lebanon he enrolled in Sagesse High School till this day. His favored hobby is debating, as he still recalls the moment he began his passion for MUN in eighth grade in 2012. In each of the 17 conferences that Chafic has taken part in, whether nationally or internationally, he has always been impressed by the level of professionalism and devotion all delegates show towards MUN. Chafic hopes that all delegates will have a highly educational and enjoyable experience in SHSMUN ‘16, and wishes all delegates the best of luck!

Email: chafichasbani@gmail.com

WHO Chairs:

Sabine Bejjani: Hey there Delegates!
For the 3rd annual SHSMUN, I'll be chairing the World Health Organization committee this year. I was born in Saudi Arabia and lived there about 5 years. From then on, I've enjoyed my life here in Beirut. FULL LEBANESE AND PROUD. I took up the piano for a year or two but then dropped it. I've also been part of a choir since forever now. I am in Secondary 2 SE this year, and I'm hoping to study Law and Political Science and Relations after graduating. Apart from that, I've been a delegate for 5 years now and took part in 6 conferences, two of which were international. I figured it was about time that I used my MUN skills to fulfill my dream of being a chair. MUN has drastically transformed me into a better person; I'm more outgoing and social than ever. I speak my opinion with no fear of the consequences. That's what I want to help my delegates with. I believe that we all have the potential to be successful in life, it just takes some of us more time to realize it. 
I wish you all a lovely conference. 

Email: sabinebejjani220@gmail.com

Believing that one needs more courage to live than to kill one's self, Serena Abdelnour, born in Lebanon on the 10th of August in 2000, will be chairing the World Health Organization Committee in the SHSMUN'17. At first, Serena wasn't a big fan of MUN up until she enrolled herself in the first annual SHSMUN. There, her MUN journey began as she found passion towards the world of representing and debating. Aside from MUN, Serena has been a dancer for over 10 years being part of concerts and competitions that include different genres of dancing such as classical ballet, hip hop, rock n roll, cheerleading, jazz, latin, and ballroom. She also enjoys playing tennis. She also plays the piano and is taking lessons in vocals. Serena wishes the best of luck upon all delegates throughout this conference especially in the WHO committee as it will be a very challenging one. :)

Email: serena.abn@gmail.com

UN Women Chairs:

Thirteen years at Sagesse High School, having been a part of the MUN program since the 9th grade, participated in 5 conferences, I, Youhanna Abou Jaoude, will be chairing the UNWomen committee for the 3rd annual SHSMUN conference 2017 along with fellow chairs Marianne El-Bondack and Joy Mazraani. My belief that women deserve to be given their rights and to be equal to men led me to choose UNWomen and that is because women nowadays are being mistreated in almost all communities around the world. In addition, some of my hobbies include playing basketball, exercising at the gym, and eating :) I’m really looking forward to a successful conference and I'm sure all our delegates will do a great job.

Email: ajyouh@gmail.com

My name is Joy Mazraani and I am 16 years old. My hobbies include horseback riding and photography. I enjoy traveling and exploring new places in the world. On weekends, I spend quality time with friends and family. I have participated in three conferences and I can't wait to take part in more. MUN has taught me a lot about self-confidence and team work. I look forward to being your chair and I'm sure we will have an outstanding conference together.   

Email: joymazraani@hotmail.com

Marianne Bondack: I have been at Sagesse High School for thirteen years, and been a part of the MUN program since the 8th grade. I have participated in 6 conferences in Lebanon and abroad and I am proud to be co-chairing the UNWomen committee at the 3rd annual SHSMUN conference 2017.
I am also very interested in being a future leader advocating women rights within my community. Looking forward to a successful conference where our delegates will shine their way through in delivering the right messages about empowering women’s rights and making a change in the world. 

Email: alatrashrana@gmail.com