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Meet your Chairs

CoN Chairs: (Geo Tabet; Sami Jo Eid; Sabine Hilal)

Sabine Hilal: 
Hey, my name is Sabine Hilal, 17, and I am going to be chairing in the CoN committee. I’ve been a MUNer for five years now. With every conference I attend, I gain a whole new overwhelming experience. In this generation, where everyone seems to be so obsessed with all kinds of technology, I guess I kind of have different interests. I’m a scout and a dancer who is interested in agriculture and basically everything related to nature. Finally, I want to mention how excited I am especially since this will be my first chairing experience. I hope this conference will be a fun and beneficial experience for you all!

Sami Jo Eid:
My name is Sami Jo Eid and I'm in the 11th grade.  I've been participating in MUN for 5 years and have attended 6 national conferences. I believe MUN is an opportunity given to every student to be heard, to gain experience, and to get out of their comfort zone. I enjoy scouts and camping outdoors. Even though this makes me seem active, nothing is better than lying in bed and watching series.  This year I will be chairing the Commonwealth of Nations committee with my good friends Sabine Hilal and Geo Tabet. I'm looking forward to a successful and productive conference. Good luck to all delegates.

Geo Tabet: 
Hello delegates,
I'm Geo Tabet and I'll be chairing in the Commonwealth of Nations committee. I began my MUN journey only last year and have taken part in 12 conferences, two of which were international in the Netherlands and Ireland. As this conference unfolds, I look forward to getting to know delegates who are able to be diplomatic when dealing with crises, are well-researched, and are overall enthusiastic about the conference as a whole. Good luck!

FSC Chairs: (Sacha Saad; Alex Ajemian; Pia Eid)

Sacha Saad:
Sacha Saad, 15, will be one of your chairs for this year's Futuristic Security Council. She joined MUN in 7th grade and has participated in more than 8 conferences, including 1 international conference, but this is her first year chairing. Apart from MUN, she usually reads, photographs, or skates her way out of responsibilities. She also laughs loudly at puns. Lastly, she hopes the debate will be fruitful and wishes all the delegates the best of luck.

Alex Ajemian: 
Hello fellow delegates, 
I’m Alex Ajemian and I’m going to be a chair in the Futuristic Security Council at SHSMUN’ 2018. It will be my honor to see a problem unfold and wrap up within a short amount of time.  I can’t wait to see 15 restless delegates in the FSC.
By the time you read this I would be a senior and soon graduating from Sagesse High School. I personally have always loved MUN. It is one of my many hobbies with MMA and scouting. What i would love to see is my delegates being very competitive: having a passion for an argument and wanting to prove their point no matter what. I hope to see you all at SHSMUN 2018 and good luck. 

Pia Eid: 
Hello, my name is Pia Eid; I'm 15 years old and in 10th grade. I love to play sports, specifically soccer, volleyball, and MMA. I would also like to be a lawyer in the future because I love debating and the manner in which the formal debate in conducted. I have been in MUN since sixth grade, making this my fifth year participating. I've always wanted to chair a committee especially the Security Council because I want to meet new people, experience how it actually is in the United Nations, and, most importantly, experience the heavy load of work we have to do within a specific amount of time. I wish the delegates the best of luck in these two days and I hope they enjoy the conference!

HRC Chairs: (Celina Chalhoub; Nour Rita Khalil; Nour Ardakani)

Celina Chalhoub: 
My name is Celina Chalhoub and I am in eleventh grade this year. I’ve been in MUN several years now and was fortunate enough to have attended many conferences. My hobbies vary from being active, swimming, and being a scouts person to sitting alone with a brush and some paint, discovering new music, and writing. I eat pizza more than three times a week; it is my strength. I’m still on the path of discovering what I want to be but it is certainly going to be an art major. I’m constantly interested in knowing our world and its events more. Having as much general knowledge as possible is what has brought to me to MUN and is what excites me to be in this conference with the delegates.

Nour Rita Khalil: 
My name is Nour Rita Khalil and I've been a student in Sagesse High School for over 10 years. I'm a chair in the HRC committee in SHSMUN'18 with my co-chairs Celina Chalhoub and Nour Ardakani, and this is my fourth year in MUN. Other than MUN, I enjoy painting. I'm in Secondary 2 Scientific and in the future, I’d like to be an engineer or a lawyer. This is my first time chairing in an MUN conference and I hope it will be a great experience for me, my co-chairs, and all delegates participating.

UNODC Chairs: (Andrew Moussa; Rebecca Wakim; Joe Salamoun)

Andrew Moussa: 
Hi my name is Andrew Moussa and I'm 16 years old. I have been a student at Sagesse High School all my life. I am currently in Secondary 2 SC, and I hope to be an engineer in the future. Football is one of my prioritized hobbies that I practiced since I was a kid. I recently started to play basketball too. I hope my experience as a MUNer during the past years will allow me to be a good chair for UNODC, where I will be chairing for the first time with Joe Salamoun and Rebecca Wakim. I am looking forward to meet everyone in the committee and I hope it will be one of the best experiences in my MUN career. See you there!

Rebecca Wakim: 
Hello my name is Rebecca Wakim; I have been a student at Sagesse high school since as long as I can remember. At the moment I’m in Secondary Two Scientific, and I hope to become a genetic or an environmental engineer in the future. I have been a part of the Model UN program for about 5 years now, and I'm excited for the other experiences to come. One of those experiences is chairing the UNODC along with my co-chairs Joe Salamoun and Andrew Moussa. In addition to MUN, I participate in scouts and I play the piano. My co-chairs and I promise you an amazing experience. See you soon!

Joe Salamoun: 
Hi my name is Joe Salamoun; I have been in Sagesse High School for 12 years now. I'm currently in Secondary 2 Scientific. I've been in MUN for 3 years now and I am so excited to be chairing in the UNODC committee with my friends Rebecca Wakim and Andrew Moussa. In my free time, I listen to music and watch movies/series. I also swim professionally and enter swimming competitions every year. This is my first chairing experience in MUN and I hope it would be an amazing and unforgettable one for all the delegates in the committee. So make sure to enter UNODC!

CC Directors:

John Boustany and Joe Bou Tanous: 
If you're reading this you probably decided to sign up for the crisis committee, and allow us to congratulate you on this "sensational" decision. To begin with, we are Joe Bou Tanos and John Boustany. We are 16 years old and have been students at SHS since 2004 and MUNers since 2013 and attended various national and international conferences. Our hobbies include various sports such as football, volleyball, running etc. It is worth mentioning that we are in the school football team. Our role in the committee is preparing the crisis and monitoring both CCHQ and the CC. On a closing note, may we advise you to buckle your seat belts because it's going to be a thrilling ride!

CC Chairs: (Yana Ladkani; Natacha Trad; Ralph Majdalani)

Yana Ladkani:  
“When the power of love overcomes the love for power, only then will the world know peace” is a quote I, Yana Ladkani, came across when I first joined MUN. Ever since, I have applied it to my everyday life because I believe that changing the world starts with each person. Now, at the age of 17 and after 3 years of MUN experience, not only have I become a more confident and sociable person, but my knowledge of the world and its crises has expanded. Apart from attending 6 national and 1 international conference, I have been swimming for 10 years. This year, I will be one of the chairs in the Crisis Committee. The diplomats will be coming up with original solutions to problems that present themselves in committee. I hope all participating delegates in SHSMUN’18 will have a blast.


Natacha Trad: 
Hello delegates,
My name is Natasha Trad. I'm 18 years old, and I attended 11 conferences. Additionally, I chaired in the SHSMUN'17 Special Conference Committee. This year, I'm going to be chairing the CC. Some of my hobbies are writing lyrics and singing. MUN is even more of a passion. I am looking forward to see all of the delegates under pressure, and check how hard they can work. I will be keeping an eye out for the special delegates who can keep up with every crisis and solve it efficiently. I wish everyone good-luck, and Igenuinely hope that everyone enjoys this conference. I hope to see you all working hard and enjoying.