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Active Citizen Project - ACP

Active Citizen Project - ACP


  • SAGESSE HIGH SCHOOL Active Citizen Project is designed by social activities that aim to comply with the school’s mission.
  • It is designed to fulfill social skills for all students from grade 1 until grade 12 in the Lebanese Program and American Program.
  • Topics and activities should be approved by the Head of Division.
  • This project does not have a fixed schedule like other subjects. Its timeline is flexible in order not to conflict with the division’s schedule, programs, and the school events. Therefore, the activities’ calendar related to this project is scheduled according to the Head of Division convenience.
  • The chosen NGO should be aligned with our Catholic school identity.
  • The ACP activities have to take into consideration the related NGOs availability.
  • In many of the designed activities students donate different items based on their project and objectives. However, all the donations are approved by the Head of Division.
  • The Active Citizen Project is funded by the students’ fundraising activities.
  • The ACP topics can be changed or modified according to students’ needs or the Head of Division recommendation.
  • The ACP topics and activities have to be updated according to the Lebanese community requirements.



  • To improve the school’s environment;
  • To develop citizenship awareness among students;
  • To motivate students from different backgrounds to become life- long learners and responsible citizens;
  • To increase more positive self-concepts and confidence in exercising the rights and responsibilities of citizenship;
  • To develop their planning, communication, and follow ups. Moreover, they will acquire how to confront obstacles and adjust their plans accordingly;
  • To grow and mature their affection effectively; and help students to understand that giving is beyond material generosity;
  • To develop compassion and tolerance for others despite their differences; and help students increasing their abilities in accepting diversity in their community; and
  • To focus on making the environmental issues one of our students’ concerns.