Prepares and distribute the necessary materials for implementing the IB Diploma Program.
Follow-up and up-date IB students and teachers of the developments and latest news in the curriculum.
Register IB students for the official May and November Examination.
Register Senior and Junior students for SAT and TOEFL and other qualifying exams.
Familiarize students with their parents and teachers with the rules and regulations of the IBO Administer IB official examinations.
Assist students for local and international university applications as well as scholarship applications.
Supervise senior and junior students during university campus orientation visits.
Receives local and international university representatives for student recruitment and applications.
Keep on file student records and IB Program materials and documents.
Responsible for corresponding with international courier regarding shipments of documents/scripts for external moderations.
Responsible for preparing high school student transcripts.
Assist students in preparing government requirements for equivalency.



University Admission Requirements


As you get ready for university, the following guidelines and requirements will help you prepare your application file to ensure your acceptance to the major of your choice.


Admission Requirements: summary to some local universities: student_advising_2021-2022.pdf


USEK Admission Requirements of the Premed Program (in English) - Fall 2022-2023  usek_-_admissions_letter_-_premed_program.pdf  

Career Guidance Day