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Counseling Department

The school counselor is an active member within the school community who collaborates with the school administration according to the school’s mission statement. He/ She is therapeutically trained to counsel students providing them with academic, personal, and social guidance and support to help them develop as balanced human beings within the school environment. 

Work of the School Counselor

  •    Develop strategies to improve students’ conduct. 
  •    Act a social guide to help students become socially active. 
  •    Conference with students to discuss and resolve personal conflicts. 
  •    Conference with peers and/or parents as seen fit to solve cases. 
  •    Follow up on set strategies for students until cases are closed. 

Procedure of Work 

  •    Run a background check with concerned administrators, teachers, and supervisors to understand a student’s conduct. 
  •    Conference with students and help them find solutions for their problems. 
  •    Encourage students to become better decision-makers who look after their best interest. 
  •    Monitor and report students’ progress when deemed appropriate.
  •    Conference and follow up with parents if the need calls. 

Issues Raised

  •    Serious emotional problems
  •    Other personal problems
       o    Conflict with teachers
       o    Family dynamic imbalance 
       o    Self-esteem 
       o    Problems with peers
       o    Anxiety and stress 

Michèle Saliba AbouSleiman                        
Psychologist-School Counselor