~~~~Welcome to Sagesse High School ~~~~~          We are now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2023- 2024          Congratulations to our students for 1st (Science), 2nd (Science) and 3rd (Mathematics) prizes in AUB Math and Science Annual Fair, This is Sagesse High School          Dear Parents, The Development Fund for the academic year 2023-2024 is $1,000 per family starting April 19, 2023.          Dear Parents, You are kindly reminded that in celebration of Resistance and Liberation Day, the school is closed on May 25, 2023. May 26, 2023 is a regular school day.         

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The Active Citizen Project  (ACP) at Sagesse High School is a vibrant department that focuses on integrating SHS students in the Lebanese community through various activities and to enhance their sense of responsibility. 

In addition to social education, the ACP incorporated Human Rights education in the curriculum to raise awareness on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Recently, ACP adopted a new logo that represents their vision and mission. Follow us on Instagram for more! 

Because sharing is caring, the ACP department and in collaboration with the Students' Organization Charity Committee and the Christian Life Department, visited Let's Help Lebanon  Association that helps families in need of food, medicine and clothes.  Thanks to Grade 9 AP, SEC 1 A and B who offered boxes of dried beans, rice, pasta and other food types. Students were accompanied by ACP Coordinator Mrs. Nadine Kingsnorth, Deacon Charbel Fakhry and SHS teachers.

Sagesse High School MUN students who participated in the New York MUN Conference have been successful, with 12 out of 20 students receiving awards. This impressive achievement reflects the hard work and dedication of Sagesse High School in preparing its students for success. Congratulations to all the MUNers .

This is Sagesse High School!

Throughout the past week, the Counseling Department conducted awarness sessions about bullying reduction.
Dr Lina Riachy discussed the ways  grade 6 students are dealing with non compatible relationships  and helped them find more efficient ways concerning conflict resolutions.
The sessions were interactive and fruitful.

Because humanitarian assistance is a key to save lives, the International Humanitarian Law protects civilians and other categories of person who are entitled to respect for their lives. They must be protected and treated humanely in all circumstances, with no adverse distinction.

Célébrer la francophonie, c’est reconnaître le potentiel de la langue et de la culture à unir les peuples, à créer des espaces de solidarité et de compréhension mutuelle.

La langue française, langue de Molière, symbole de culture et de créativité, est aussi vecteur de démocratie et d’humanisme.


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