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Accreditation Newsletter

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sagesse High School (SHS) Planning Team is proud to provide its stakeholders with an update on its accreditation achievements. One of the most important tasks that were accomplished was the revision of the SHS Foundation Documents. The Planning Team revised the existing Foundation Documents, the SHS Mission Statement and Beliefs and wrote the Graduate Profile. Please find attached the updated Foundation Documents.

A special thanks for the commitment and support of the seven subcommittees, which were able to convey the stakeholders’ perspectives into well-written descriptive summaries. These summaries were then compiled and used by the Planning Team to fill in the relevant sections of Designing Our Future (DOF) Self-Study which includes the following sections: Foundation Documents, Community & Student Performance, School Leadership and Organization, Educational Program & Resources, Student Services & Life, Maintenance & Operations, and School Improvement Planning. 

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