Accreditation Newsletter

Accreditation Newsletter

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Accreditation Newsletter No. 1/ AY14-15

March 19, 2015

“Involvement in an ongoing accreditation protocol recognizes achievement and fosters and facilitates ongoing school improvement.”    (

The planning team created subcommittees to plan, conduct and analyze the results of various sections of the self-study. Each subcommittee includes a chair, co-chair and members from the stakeholders. Each subcommittee will carry out its tasks and report to the planning team.

 The 7 subcommittees include:

  • Foundation Documents Subcommittee
  • Community & Student Performance Subcommittee
  • School Leadership and Organization Subcommittee
  • Educational Program & Resources Subcommittee
  • Student Services & Life Subcommittee
  • Maintenance & Operations Subcommittee
  • School Improvement Planning Subcommittee

The planning team revised the existing foundation documents, the SHS Mission Statement and its Beliefs. The updated documents are attached for your consideration.

SHS encourages all its stakeholders to support and take ownership of the planning process. Feel free to contact the planning team members personally, by calling the accreditation office (extension 103), or via email at


Revised & Updated SHS Mission Statement

Sagesse High School is a Catholic, Anglophone, co-educational school that educates and motivates students from diverse backgrounds to become life-long learners and responsible citizens with strong ethical values. The school promotes various enriched educational opportunities and operates in an environment that instigates tolerance and compassion.



We believe that

  • each person is respected and valued as one created in the image and likeliness of God;
  • knowledge enhances the goodwill of human kind and society;
  • each person has equal worth and treats others with respect;
  • students are prepared to actively and constructively contribute to the shaping of a better world;
  • each person has unlimited potential and has the opportunity and capability to learn and develop into a well-rounded individual;
  • learning is a flowing partnership among teachers, students and parents;
  • human resources are the most important asset; to the success of the mission.