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About us

The Physics Department at Sagesse High School strongly believes that every student should learn basic Physics to the extent that he/she can make sense of the physical world around him/her. This standpoint on Physics education has provided guidance in selecting the programs we teach and adopting the strategies we implement; the large and growing number of students who have been opting for Physics in the secondary school witnesses for the soundness of our views.

In line with this philosophy and the belief that everyone should learn basic Physics, and become a lifelong learner, the Physics Department at Sagesse High School already implemented the use of Vernier, an interface that translates information from the sensor to graphic software on a computer or handheld device. The result is real graphing of scientific phenomena. This will help students to acquire critical thinking skills by means of laboratory activities and to relate the acquired knowledge to their daily life.

In addition, the Physics department started using MOODLE at the IB level and aims at generalizing its use at other levels. Moodle is an open source course management system, used by thousands of educational institutions around the world to provide an organized interface for e learning, or learning over the Internet. This will help learners communicate scientifically with each other and with the educators and eventually within their environment. Moreover, this will develop the necessary skills for the students to become independent learners.

Our main goal is to always move forward while making Physics more and more enjoyable to students.

Oscar Eid
Head of Physics Department