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About us

Chemistry Department Mission Statement:

The Chemistry Department at Sagesse High School strives to ensure a good and balanced chemistry preparation for students to enable them to become independent learners and critical thinkers who can observe, analyze and evaluate situations in a scientific and ecofriendly manner.


The Chemistry Department aims at providing students with opportunities to become:
    -    decision makers;
    -    good problem solvers;
    -    scientifically literate;
    -    skilled observers; 
    -    critical thinkers; and
    -    independent learners.

Further aims of the program are to:
    -    Provide students with opportunities to understand chemical concepts through inquiry, experimental work, group work and research.
    -    Enable students to collaborate and communicate using chemical language during chemistry activities.
    -    Enable students to use technology to enhance their understanding of chemistry and chemistry principles.
    -    Prepare students for external examinations: SAT II, Lebanese Baccalaureate and IB Diploma.
    -    Make students aware of career opportunities in fields related to chemistry.
    -    Enable students to apply their knowledge of chemistry to current events.
    -    Enable students to understand the impact of chemistry on our daily lives, the environment and society.