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Dear Parents,

Please take note of the following dates:

Monday September 23, 2019:
Open house for Nursery classes with parents

Sagesse High School offers you the chance to rent its indoor basketball court and mini football pitch.  

Our basketball court is a beautiful full-sized hardwood court with wall-mounted glass backboards and room around the perimeter for spectator seating. It also features retractable volleyball net that can convert the court into a full-sized volleyball court in a matter of minutes.

Our mini football pitch’s artificial grass turf is perfect for optimum playing experience and players safety and ideal for playing 5 a side football. 

Dear Parents,

To ensure the proper care for your child /children while at school please abide by the following:

  • Parents of newly enrolled students are requested to complete the student medical form and must submit it to the nurse in the division. The medical form is posted on the SHS website and may be printed for completion.
  • All parents who did not submit the completed student medical form for their child/children during the 2016-2017 academic year are required to do so this year. The medical form is posted on the SHS website and may be printed for completion.
  • All parents who submitted the completed student medical form for their child/children during the 2016-2017 academic year are kindly asked to submit any health updates related to their child/children to the concerned nurses in the divisions.
  • All requested forms or information must be submitted to the nurses by November 9, 2017.

Best regards,


Dear Parents/Legal Guardians,

Parents who find it necessary to request private tutoring sessions for their son / daughter with Sagesse High School faculty or staff members are kindly requested to fill in a "Private Tutoring Request Form" at the head of division’s assistant’s office. Based on this form, the suitable teacher for the requested tutoring will be assigned by the head of department and/or the head of division. The head of division will then inform the parents and will give them the teacher's phone number to continue with the procedure. 

In alignment with Sagesse High School’s mission statement, we aim to promote students as life-long learners and responsible citizens with strong ethical values. Parents also play an active role in promoting this mission when they practice positive discipline with their own children, and when they endeavor to become positive role models. Such role modeling becomes evident within the school community where matters are dealt with responsibly and respectfully, on or off school premises. In light of the mutual respect among its stakeholders, Sagesse High School aims to develop the parents’ profile as delivered below: 

Dear All

As part of Sagesse High school’s ongoing improvement plan, the Quality Improvement Department (QI) looks forward to receive your suggestions and/ or complaints.

To facilitate the process, the school has placed drop boxes and SC (Suggestions and/ or complaints) referenced sheets at the entrance of each block A, B and C.

Sagesse High School was recommended for full re-accreditation for Designing Our Future Protocol by the MSA Visiting Team on April 22, 2016 for the coming 7 years. At this point, SHS would like to extend its warmest gratitude and congratulations to all its stakeholders.

Dear Stakeholders,

Follow the below links to access the completed Designing Our Future Self-study as completed and submitted by the SHS Planning Team to the Middle State Accreditation.



Planning Team

December 8, 2015
Dear Parents,

We would like you to note that information regarding a child’s visits to the school infirmary is being posted on Skoolee. You are kindly asked to check the website daily for any updates. However, in case of emergencies, the nurse will contact the concerned parents immediately. 

December 8, 2015
Dear Parents,

You are kindly asked to have your family doctor or child’s pediatrician complete the form below to help us update your child’s medical records. Please return the form with your son/daughter to school by December 18, 2015. Forms will be collected by the floor supervisors.