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Suggestions/ Complaints form

Friday, May 13, 2016

CIRCULAR Admin No. 14 / AY 15-16

Dear All

As part of Sagesse High school’s ongoing improvement plan, the Quality Improvement Department (QI) looks forward to receive your suggestions and/ or complaints.

To facilitate the process, the school has placed drop boxes and SC (Suggestions and/ or complaints) referenced sheets at the entrance of each block A, B and C. 

In addition, the Quality Improvement Department may be reached every Tuesday between 8:00a.m and 10:00a.m to accept your oral Suggestion and/ or Complaints. Moreover, you may download the SC sheets from here Suggestions & Complaints Form to fill them in and email them to qualityimprovement@sagessehs.edu.lb.

Please note that writing your name is optional on any suggestion and/ or complaint; however, you are kindly asked to write the date for the follow up process. All submissions will be delivered to the Rector on weekly basis, and the Quality Improvement Department will then follow up with the concerned person/people to set an action plan, when needed.

We look forward to your cooperation.