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Students’ Organization

Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Sagesse High School Students’ Organization is a volunteer organization in the school that aims at improving the school’s environment making it a joyful educational place and developing interaction between students since it requires teamwork, responsibility, collaboration, and communication. It works on producing the leaders of our future to fix and rule our society as responsible and mature as possible. It welcomes any and all individuals willing to join from the Secondary L.P. and A.P. Divisions and IBDP.

Therefore, I, Johnny Saad, am honored to be the president of the Students’ Organization for the academic year 2019-2020 to help in the organization of events and projects that we will be held. This year, we are introducing to our Students’ Organization two new committees alongside the other four: The Students’ Involvement Committee and the Environmental Committee. Thus, in collaboration with the heads and members of all six committees (Parties – Sports – Religious – Students’ Development - Students’ Involvement - Environmental). I will endeavor to reach the highest points of all successes covered throughout this year and reach the goals I am aiming to achieve. Moreover, since this academic year’s school theme is “I ♡ Lebanon”, we will be working on enhancing the love of our homeland. Of course, this year the students’ organization has a lot of projects to work on, however hand in hand, we will be able to do it all since “united we stand and divided we fall”.

- Johnny Saad