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SHSMUN 2018 Conference at Sagesse High School

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Opening Ceremony

The USG of committees, Mark Eid, introduced SHSMUN'18 with a welcoming speech. Then, a short video created by the press team about the effort put into making this conference was projected. After that, Sabine Bejjani and Feeras Haddad, the Secretary Generals of SHSMUN'18, gave a warm welcome to the guests and delegates. They stressed on the fact that if  they hadn't been through this journey together then the true meaning of it wouldn't have come to place. "History repeatedly shows us that if it weren't for the
contributions of so many masterminds and the collision of their ideals, the human race would never have witnessed such drastic evolution." They entrust delegates to be a generation of thinkers and leaders that will make tomorrow a better place.