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Parent's Code of Conduct

Thursday, November 2, 2017

CIRCULAR ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD No 01/AY 17-18   October 3, 2017    In alignment with Sagesse High School’s mission statement, we aim to promote students as life-long learners and responsible citizens with strong ethical values. Parents also play an active role in promoting this mission when they practice positive discipline with their own children, and when they endeavor to become positive role models. Such role modeling becomes evident within the school community where matters are dealt with responsibly and respectfully, on or off school premises. In light of the mutual respect among its stakeholders, Sagesse High School aims to develop the parents’ profile as delivered below:    Sagesse High School Parents’ profile raises their awareness to  

  • Show respect towards Sagesse High School faculty and staff members.
  • Be informed of, respect, and abide by the endorsed school policies related to administrative and academic procedures that are either published on the school website or delivered via hard copies.
  • Raise and address administrative, academic, or disciplinary issues to the concerned parties at school professionally. 
  • Address attending faculty and staff members in a respectful tone for requests and concerns to be heard, studied, and processed.
  • Respect the faculty and staff’s educational role in their children’s lives. 
  • Acknowledge the fact that teachers and staff members are refrained from discussing students’ progress outside called for meetings through the school administration.

  The school, thus, reserves the right to take appropriate measures if and when any of the above mentioned criteria is not met or jeopardized.   Furthermore, we strongly believe, from what we witness among SHS students, that the Sagesse High School parents’ community represents high standards of ethical values where they would   

  • Refrain from addressing school related issues to faculty and staff on their personal phone numbers or on social media.
  • Follow an adequate dress code when attending meetings or school events.
  • Reinforce constructive criticism for the welfare of the school community they belong to and for the development of the school.
  • Be ambassadors to the school and its mission statement in society.
  • Ensure that communication among SHS stakeholders is conducted professionally.

  Your collaboration is added value to the positive working environment we belong to at Sagesse High School.   Thank you,  Administrative Board