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Intermediate Division - Futsal Tournament

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Intermediate Inter-Class Futsal Tournament was organized by the Students Organization' Sports Committee on October & November 2017.

Football players from 14 classes (G7, G8 & G9) took part in this yearly event.

The competition was based on Futsal rules and regulations under the supervision of Coach Omar Mechleb and the Head of Sports Committee, John Boustany (Sec2Sc).

The final game was held between G8 (2nd place) & G9 (1st place).

The students showed their high skills and talents throughout the entire game which pleased the spectators. 

Fr Jihad Saliba, Head of Sports Division, and Mrs Mireille Copaly, Head of Intermediate Division, handed out the Trophies to the finalists.