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Image Consent Form

Thursday, February 16, 2017


February 16, 2017

Dear Parents/Legal Guardians,

Kindly take note of the amendment to the following section of the Child Protection Policy- Image Consent Form. The statement, SHS social media accounts, has been added.
- take and use photographs and images of your child/children. The photographs and images will appear in Sagesse High School printed publications, on www.sagessehs.edu.lb and SHS social media accounts, or publications produced by or the website of affiliated departments. The images will be used only for school purposes, and the identity of your child/children will be protected by first name use of your child/children. The images may also be used in and distributed by other media, such as CD or DVD, as part of the promotional activities of the school.

Parents are kindly asked to have their son/daughter return the completed amended Image Consent Form to the floor supervisors no later than Wednesday, February 22, 2017. 
If the completed amended Image Consent Form is not returned by the set deadline, then the school will consider that the parents’ approval has been given for the school to implement the terms as explained in the form.  
Thank you for you cooperation and continuous support.

The Administration