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Fostering Parental Involvement in School

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Fostering Parental Involvement in school

Studies have shown that parental involvement in a child’s education has a major impact on his/her academic success and well-being. It improves students’ achievements, reduces absenteeism, and increases parents' confidence in their children's education.

In general, students with involved parents earn higher grades and have better social skills.

We believe that parents who are involved at school can offer valuable insight that may help teachers work with their child more effectively. Parents feel empowered to raise concerns and negotiate solutions with teachers. 

SHS fosters healthy parental involvement through events and volunteer opportunities. We keep parents informed, and make the most out of parent-teacher conferences. We also encourage their participation in events, activities, and outings.

The following are stances that we follow in this matter: 

  • Updating the school website with students’ photos (upon parental permission), samples of students’ work, homework assignments, study guides, and notifications of upcoming tests, projects, and special events.
  • Allocating days for Parent-Teacher conferences, to give parents the opportunity to meet with their child’s teachers. 
  • Welcoming parents into classes to read for the students, share information about their culture (During International Day), or to demonstrate a hobby, such as sports, cooking, drawing…etc.
  • Inviting parents in as guest speakers if their career is relevant to a topic that is being   covered in class.
  • Requesting parent/ grandparents’ volunteers to substitute for absent teachers, assist in playground supervision, accompany students during field trips, and to prepare materials for class activities/projects.  


Effective supervision creates a healthy and safe school environment for the students, where their individual and group needs are met in the classroom as well as in the playground. 


Volunteer parents/grandparents are thus expected to: 

  • Be aware of the school policies found on the school website.  
  • Respect the role of the school supervisors with the students. 
  • Respect the administration’s decision not to have parents supervise or substitute in the divisions where their own children are enrolled.
  • Supervise and monitor students in the playground, cafeteria, or hallways during recess. 
  • Circulate in the allocated area and observe students’ play habits. 
  • Encourage students’ creativity and safe play. 
  • Always refer to the Head of Division and the supervisors for support, and respect the school’s mission by treating school and students’ matters with confidentiality. 
  • Contact the concerned Head of Division’s office by 8:00 a.m. when the parent/ grandparent is unable to make it to school.
  • Be committed to this voluntary work once the application is studied and approved by the Heads of Divisions. 


Volunteer parents/grandparents must:

  • Refrain from using mobiles to place calls, record, and/or take pictures while on duty. 
  • Avoid any physical contact with the student.
  • Stop and report bullying cases to the supervisor when observed.  


The school expects the volunteer parents/grandparents to exercise good work ethics and show empathy.


Click here to downloiad the Volunteer’s Application Form: volunteers_application_form.pdf