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Monday, April 27, 2020

Dear Parents,

Following the shutdown of all schools that was mandated by the Ministry of Education in order to slow the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in our community, it was decided, for the best interest of our preschoolers, that we proceed with distance learning. Despite all the challenges, we took Skoolee to be the main portal to share online resources, videos, assignments, and worksheets, etc. with our students. And since our main concern is the well-being of our young ones, and knowing that they are isolated at home and do not have the chance to get all their energy out, teachers are preparing material to keep them busy and help them remember all acquired concepts in a fun and playful manner.

We do understand that it is hard to teach virtually a certain concept, and for that, we are asking teachers to provide all necessary online resources in order to engage kids and facilitate the parents’ role.


Since the start of the month of March, we have been working on the following:

  • Class teachers (and subject teachers) have been uploading, on a regular basis, educational videos, tutorials, YouTube links, PowerPoint Presentations, and other suitable online resources, as well as assignments and worksheets, along with answer keys and detailed solutions, on the students’ Skoolee account.

For that, please make sure to check the student assignment section on Skoolee every morning.

  • We have been advising parents to use concrete objects found at home in order to apply certain concepts in a fun and easy way: “dough, playdough, pegs, salt/sugar, paint, and grains.”
  • A new lesson or concept is introduced every week.
  • Every other week, revision worksheets are uploaded in order to make sure the objective is met.
  • We are taking into consideration that children learn and grow at their own pace, and for that, we introduce, reinforce, and review sometimes the same concept in various ways.
  • Teachers adjusted the work according to the parents' concerns and feedback, this is why we no longer require worksheets to be printed, but we advise they be done on copy books when applicable or on a piece of paper.
  • The assignments are scheduled to take a maximum of 45 minutes per day. It is advised to divide the work into several sessions during the day.
  • All teachers validate assignments for the whole week, so the assignments are distributed as follows:
  • English: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Math: Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Arabic: Tuesday.
  • French: Thursday.
  • Catechism, PE, and music: All week.
    • Please check the assigned work under Assignments and not under notification in order to see how the work is divided, since it gives a clearer view of the agenda and the proper daily distribution.


In addition to the above, and starting April 29, 2020, you will receive:

  • A recorded session for every subject on a weekly basis, done, prepared, and executed by the class and subject teachers.
  • A live Zoom online session will be scheduled once per week and per class in order for classmates to see each other, help parents with all concerns, follow up on the development of our kids, and encourage them to complete their assignments.
  • Schedule parent/teacher sessions in order to follow up one-on-one on students with difficulties.


Please note the following:

  • If asked to upload work on Skoolee, please log in from your computer through the school’s website, go to the assignment page, open the desired assignment, in the student upload document, click browse, choose the file and save.
  • Uploading assignments on Skoolee can only be done through a web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and not the mobile application.
  • You can only view on Skoolee Mobile App the assignments and material assigned for the next 7 days. In order to retrieve older uploads, please log in from your web browser, go to Assignment, and check Overdue Date box.
  • For support and assistance with Skoolee, please contact the IT Department via e-mail at
  • For any clarification or academic concern, please contact the Head of Preschool Division via e-mail at

As partners in the education of your children, we urge you to motivate and assist your children in these online based lessons, so they complete their assignments on time. Our teachers, heads of departments, as well as heads of divisions, are working hard to make the best out of these difficult circumstances.

Counting on your fruitful cooperation.



Nathalie Chalhoub

Head of Preschool Division