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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Dear Parents,

Happy Easter.

Hope you and your families are in good health.

As you all know, we have decided at Sagesse High School to take Skoolee as the main portal to use in the Lower Elementary Division in order to share online resources, videos, assignments, and worksheets with our students.

All teachers are uploading on regular basis, educational videos, tutorials, YouTube links, PowerPoint Presentations, assignments, along with answer keys and detailed solutions on the students’ account via Skoolee.

In addition to all the above mentioned, Lower Elementary teachers will start uploading on Skoolee their own tutorial classes recorded by them instead of the tutorials they were posting from YouTube, as of the 21st of April, 2020. Students will listen to their teachers’ explanations once or multiple times according to their learning pace and needs. Those tutorials should help our students feel more comfortable and closer to their teachers’ methodologies and teaching styles.

It is worth mentioning that the Arabic language teachers were already recording their voices on the PowerPoint documents shared with the students on Skoolee.

As a reminder, kindly note the following:

  • Uploading assignments on Skoolee can be done through the student’s and parent’s Skoolee accounts accessed from a web browser and not the mobile application.
  • Parents can only view on Skoolee Mobile App the assignments and material assigned for the next week. In order to retrieve older uploads, parents need to log in from their web browser, go to Assignment, and then check Overdue Date box.
  • For support and assistance, do not hesitate to contact the Head of Division on Kassab_zeina@sagessehs.edu.lb, the concerned teachers through their school e-mails (which are being posted on Skoolee), or the IT Department via the given e-mail (skoolee@sagessehs.edu.lb).

As partners in the education of your children, we urge you to motivate and assist them with these online-based lessons, so they submit their assignments on time, and take their online assessments within the assigned due date.

Our teachers, Heads of Departments, and Heads of Divisions are working hard to make the best out of these difficult circumstances.

Stay safe.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Zeina Kassab   

Head of Lower Elementary Division


Ain Saadeh, Lebanon

P.O.Box 1476 Beit Mery

Phone: +961 1 872145 /6/7/8 ext. 116

Fax: + 961 1 872149