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Tuesday, April 2, 2019


April 2, 2019

Dear Parents,

You are cordially invited to the Lower Elementary’s celebration of World Book Week. During the week of April 8 to April 12, parents will be invited for a reading session with their children in Block A Library, as per the following schedule:

Monday 8th of April
2C: 8:35-10:15
1E: 12:50-14:30

Tuesday 9th of April
2E: 7:45-9:00
2A: 9:10-10:15
3B: 10:40-12:20
1B: 12:50-14:30

Wednesday 10th of April
2B: 8:35-10:15
3C: 10:40-12:20
3A: 12:50-14:30

Thursday 11th of April
3D: 7:45-9:25
1A: 10:40-12:20
3E: 12:50-14:30

Friday 12th of April
2D: 7:45-9:25
1D: 10:40-12:20
1C: 12:50-14:30

Thank you,  

Zeina Kassab 
Head of Lower Elementary Division