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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dear Parents,

Distance learning via Zoom/ Skype has been ongoing for grades 6 to 12 (grades 4 and 5 after Easter), and it is important to remind you of the rules and regulations implemented to ensure an effective and successful online learning atmosphere.

Participation in online sessions is necessary and any non-attendance is considered as unexcused absence. Students are expected to join the scheduled session on time. Failure to join the session after 7 minutes of the start time would lead the student to be considered as absent, and being absent from an online session without a valid excuse is equivalent to being absent from a regular face-to-face session.

Synchronous Online Sessions

During online sessions, students are expected to participate actively as their participation is graded. A participation rubric for these sessions has been put in place:

  • 5% of the total average for student’s attendance: attendance includes joining the full session using their real name, with video and audio, and abiding by the school’s netiquette rules
  • 5% of the total average for active participation: active participation means having the student provide at least 2 questions or answers to the teacher, during class session, on the Chat Room

Assignments on Skoolee

As for assignments, intermediate and secondary students (and elementary when applicable) are expected to submit their assignments on Skoolee by the due date in order to get a full grade. If the student submits an assignment after due date, it is considered as late assignment submission and they will be penalized by deducting 50% of their grade for one day of tardiness. Hence, if the assignment is submitted 2 days after its due date, the student will receive an automatic zero.

  • 5% of the total average for punctuality: Punctuality refers here to submitting assignments on time.

Reminder: In case of failure in the assignment submission due to medical reasons, please contact the concerned HD via email as noted in the school’s policy.

In order to make it easier to upload assignments on Skoolee, students can now submit their work through both the parents’ and the students’ accounts. It is noteworthy that the option to upload assignments only works if you access Skoolee from a web browser and not the mobile application. Students can only upload one file per assignment, and until the teacher locks the assignment, the uploaded file can be replaced. In order to upload multiple files, use WinRAR to zip the files into one.

The Administration