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Sunday, March 15, 2020

SHS policy for e-learning during the school closure

Dear Parents and Students,

Next to the unknown period of the school closure as a result of the spreading coronavirus, our Sagesse High School has switched to online learning in order to ensure that our students get an excellent education even when they cannot be in the classroom.

Therefore, in addition to Skoolee which offers an asynchronous learning experience to students, we decided after exploring different online platforms to introduce Zoom as a main tool for our teachers to use in order to provide synchronous learning sessions mainly for our intermediate and secondary students.

Transitioning to online and remote learning is a significant adjustment for everyone in our community. In fact, it will require from us some time (2-4 days) to have all our teachers trained properly on using Zoom and thus start delivering live class sessions. Hence, starting Wednesday, March 18, you shall be expecting invites to be sent to students on their Skoolee account by their teachers, so they can attend online classes on Zoom.

While we understand that online sessions could never replace the face-to-face presence in the classroom, it is important for our students to recognize that the online class session, even in exceptional situations, is in fact a learning setting which requires seriousness and several guidelines and netiquette rules to respect. For that, we present to you the following guidelines to help establish a more effective and successful online learning atmosphere for both teachers and students.


Assignments’ Policy

Students are expected to check their Skoolee account on a daily basis for assignments posted by teachers. Students are advised and encouraged to submit the assigned work in order to benefit from appropriate feedback from the teacher by uploading their assignments on Skoolee on the day scheduled by the teacher before 9 PM. All assignments posted after that time would be considered late. Failure or late submission goes against the best interest of the student and presents a major obstacle to the online learning process, which might affect the student’s grades.


Online Class Structure and Instructional Approach

In order to complement the asynchronous learning experience where students work at their own pace and upload their work on Skoolee, the dynamic of Zoom sessions will be eminently dialogical and student-oriented. Each class session will be devoted to treating one or more topics within the curriculum, by having the teacher explain the concepts and open a discussion time for answering students’ questions and concerns. Therefore, the success of the session will not exclusively depend on the instructor, but also on the students’ individual decision to take responsibility for their own learning.

Participation Policy

All online sessions on Zoom are mandatory for grades 7 to 12, and participation in them will be assessed as in the traditional classroom. Therefore, class participation is necessary and any non-attendance is considered as unexcused absence. Students will demonstrate effective participation, as well as some of the knowledge and competence in the lesson by joining the scheduled session on time, following the instructions of their teacher and engaging with him/her and their peers. Failure to join the session after 10 minutes of the beginning time would lead the student to be considered as absent, and being absent from an online session without a valid excuse is equivalent to being absent from a regular face-to-face session.

It is noteworthy to point out here that online classes will not be repeated unless there are serious problems in internet connection.


Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct in all online sessions. Here are few tips on proper Netiquette during an online class:

  1. Treat your instructor(s) with respect. Conduct yourself in an online class with the same respect, politeness and professionalism that you would exhibit in a real-life classroom.
  2. Use proper language, grammar and spelling. Correct spelling and grammatical construction are a must, so try to avoid slangs or even writing in all capital letters, and keep in mind to read through your posts before you submit them.
  3. No recording! Students are not allowed to record the session or part of it without the explicit consent of the teacher. You may not share, under any circumstance, the recorded session nor the link to the session with anyone, or on social media and platforms.
  4. You will be held responsible for the content of these online sessions especially that the sessions will be recorded by the concerned teacher when needed. The content of online sessions will not be repeated in in-person courses. In addition, interactive online sessions will be backed up by material uploaded on Skoolee.
  5. During the online conference, students must eliminate distractions and focus on the session. Turning off notifications, closing or minimizing running applications and muting cell phones, streaming radio, etc., are all basic etiquette rules. Beyond general, work-related multitasking, eating is among the common offenses committed.
  6. Be precise. Being misunderstood is quite common in online interactions; escape the miscommunication trap by double checking that what appears perfectly clear to you is not confusing your readers.
  7. Stay on topic. Don't post irrelevant links, comments, thoughts or pictures.

The teacher, in coordination with the concerned Head of Division, may take necessary disciplinary actions against any student who fail to abide by the abovementioned guidelines, including by not limited to removing the student from the session, banning the student from attending online sessions, writing a warning, etc.

The cooperation and commitment of each and every one of you are essential to best benefit from online learning.

The Administration