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Monday, November 14, 2016

CIRCULAR ACTIVITIES DEPT. No 04/AY 16-17             

Dear Parents and Students,

The extracurricular activities, for the academic year 2016/2017, will begin on Tuesday, November 15, 2016. Activities for Intermediate and Secondary students have been moved to Tuesdays.

All activities will start at 2:50 pm. School cafeterias will remain open for students to buy water or food before starting their selected activity plans.

Practices for the below activities will take place in the Preschool Building:

  • Hip Hop with Ms. Karen Abi Nader
  • Ballet with Ms. Jana Saker
  • Gymnastics with Mr. Elie Bou Gebraiel
  • Kung Fu with Mr. Fares
  • MMA with Mr. Chady Milan

Practices for the below activities will take place in Block B:

  • Football with Mr. Wissam Khalil
  • Basketball with Coach Rizkallah Zaloum
  • Rollers with Mr. Paul Fares
  • Table Tennis with Mr. Gebran Haddad
  • Piano with Mr. Rafic Maftoum
  • Guitar with Mr. Omar Mechleb
  • Art with Ms. Selpy Guluzian
  • Painting with Ms. Selpy Guluzian
  • Pottery with Ms. Selpy Guluzian
  • Vocalization with Mrs. Lina Riachy
  • Running with Ms. Katia Rashed

You may pick up your children from the relevant buildings at 4:00 pm.

On activity day, Lower and Upper Elementary students must come to school wearing their PE uniform while Intermediate and Secondary students must change to their PE uniform after school.

It is worth noting that you may buy your children’s Rollers from Class Sport and receive a 15% discount upon stating that they are SHS students.

Also note that you may not change the activity to which your child is registered in during the first two weeks. Any request for change may be submitted during the last week of November 2016. 

Note: Please check your child’s agenda for the activity to which he/she has been registered in, the timing and location.

Thank you for your cooperation.