~~~~Welcome to Sagesse High School ~~~~~          We are now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2023- 2024          Congratulations to our students for 1st (Science), 2nd (Science) and 3rd (Mathematics) prizes in AUB Math and Science Annual Fair, This is Sagesse High School          Dear Parents, The Development Fund for the academic year 2023-2024 is $1,000 per family starting April 19, 2023.          Dear Parents, You are kindly reminded that in celebration of Resistance and Liberation Day, the school is closed on May 25, 2023. May 26, 2023 is a regular school day.         

A word from Academic Director

A word from Academic Director

Dear All, 


At Sagesse High School, we strongly believe that education is the basis upon which success, wisdom, and hope are built. Our mission statement reflects our commitment to educating and motivating our students from diverse backgrounds to become life-long learners and responsible citizens with strong ethical values. 

Sagesse High School (SHS) prides itself in offering a variety of programs that cater to a wide variety of students’ needs. In addition to the Lebanese Program that prepares students for the Lebanese Official Exams, SHS offers the American Program and the IB Program. SHS also believes that special-needs students require a specific attention to find their proper place in the society, and that is provided by our Special Education Department (SED).  

On the academic level, SHS has strived to maintain and recruit the best teachers. Moreover, it continuously offers its teachers continuous professional development opportunities. 

Regarding the curriculum of each subject, a meticulous work is currently being done by every subject coordinator to align it vertically and horizontally to meet, first the national curriculum, and second the international standard.  

In addition to this, the Academic Department is working on different projects to keep our curriculum of the highest level.  

In conclusion, at Sagesse High School academic excellence is not an option, but a requirement that we all strive to accomplish. We believe that education is a lifelong journey that requires hard work, dedication, and passion. We are proud of our academic programs, and we are committed to providing an exceptional education for our students.  


Mireille Kopaly  

Academic Director 

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