A word from Academic Director

A word from Academic Director

Welcome to Sagesse High School!

Being part of the Sagesse community is a privilege in itself. It is a privilege because it makes us part of one of the pillars of Lebanese education since 1875. However, this privilege entails a great responsibility to keep and even exceed the reputation of this great institution. Hence, we believe that we should preserve this honorable history and heritage through hard work and commitment in serving the students in particular and the community at large.

Holding the torch for the American system of education among the Sagesse School Network, Sagesse High School (SHS) prides itself in offering a variety of programs that cater to a wide variety of students’ needs. In addition to the Lebanese Program that prepares students for the Lebanese Official Exams, SHS offers the American Program and the IB Program. SHS also believes that special-needs students require a specific attention to find their proper place in the society, and that is provided by our Special Education Department (SED).

On the academic level, SHS has strived to maintain and recruit the best teachers. Moreover, it continuously offers its teachers a variety of workshops covering many topics including Sagesse Spirit, Classroom Management, Teaching Strategies, Lesson Planning, and many others.

Regarding the curriculum of each subject, a meticulous work is currently being done by every subject coordinator to align it vertically and horizontally to meet, first the national curriculum, and second the international standard. In addition to this, the Academic Department is working on different projects to keep our curriculum of the highest level.

Finally, if you are already a part of our community, then I want you to be proud. If not, then now is the best time to join one of the most special academic institutions in the region. Sagesse High School is special and will always be special because of its students, teachers, staff, and most importantly its wider community: YOU.

Mireille Kopaly

Academic Director