~~~~Welcome to Sagesse High School ~~~~~          We are now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2023- 2024          Congratulations to our students for 1st (Science), 2nd (Science) and 3rd (Mathematics) prizes in AUB Math and Science Annual Fair, This is Sagesse High School          Dear Parents, The Development Fund for the academic year 2023-2024 is $1,000 per family starting April 19, 2023.          Dear Parents, You are kindly reminded that in celebration of Resistance and Liberation Day, the school is closed on May 25, 2023. May 26, 2023 is a regular school day.         

A Word from the HD

A Word from the HD

Welcome to the Upper Elementary Division

Since 1992, we have established a reputation for providing quality education in a warm and welcoming environment. Upper Elementary students (Grade 4 - 6) are taught in an environment that allows them to appreciate their own worth, develop their self esteem and believe in their own abilities.

With continuous improvement in all areas of the curriculum we will secure a well balanced future for our “globally minded “children who will grow up to be successful inquirers, thinkers, risk takers and communicators. Through the various curricular and extracurricular activities we teach our children to have confidence and independence to explore new situations and understand the importance of physical and mental balance.

Each child in the Upper Elementary Division is valued as a person with equal rights to learn and play with respect and dignity

Together with the support of parents, teachers and staff members we can build a solid foundation for the challenges of the future.


Juhaina Abu Khalil

Head of Upper Elementary Division

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. (John Dewey)

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