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About us

1- Mission/Belief
In accordance to the SHS mission, we believe that all students from diverse backgrounds have the right to learn and become active members of our school and society.

Through the Special Education Department, we help students, who require special inclusive arrangements, to meet their individual educational plans. This is achieved through creating appropriate, positive and proactive educational opportunities that are consistent with each student’s abilities.

2- Goal
In the spirit of our mission, we aim to spread awareness and to maintain an environment that promotes tolerance and compassion at the school and in the society. We provide inclusive appropriate programs that suit each student and stimulate his capacities to integrate him/her in the mainstream classes. 


3- Special Education Team

·      Head of Department

·      Cycle Coordinators

·      Psychomotor Therapist

·      Speech and Language Therapists

·      Behavior /Social Skills Specialist

·      Special Education teachers

·      Test Assistants

4- Services

1.    Referral: Internal screening and observations for regular students who show difficulties.

2.    Follow up: For students who completed their IEPs and are integrated in the regular classes

3.    Official Exams Special Admission:

      The SED follows up on the special admission to official exams. Below are possible special arrangements based on each student’s profile:

            a.       Exemption from the Brevet official exam

            b.       Special Official Exams for the Brevet and Terminal

            c.        Inclusive assessment arrangements for SAT or IB

  4.    Placement Decisions:

            a.       Type 1 - Special education class for most subjects with partial integration in the regular

            b.       Type 2 - Regular class for most subjects with partial withdrawal to the Special Education Department

            c.        Type 3 - Regular class with withdrawal assistance (Therapies, corrective programs, reinforcement)

            d.       Type 4 - Regular class with withdrawal assistance (Test Assistance)


*The above placements require extra fees added to the regular school tuition.


5- Individual Education Plan (IEP)

  1- Students in the Special Education Department follow an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).

   2- Students are pulled out from the mainstream classes to follow one of the below IEPs:

             a.     Modified (Individualized program with a different grade level )

             b.     Accommodated (same level as the mainstream class but with accommodations)

             c.     Alternative (Therapies, Corrective language programs and/or Reinforcement)

3- The IEPs are adapted from the school’s regular curriculum and tailored based on students’ needs/level.

4- IEPs are evaluated three times per year through a Term Progress Report.

5- By the end of the year, an IEP final review and recommendations are issued accordingly.


6- Application / Admission / Acceptance
Application: Please refer to SHS‘s admission policy. In addition, a confidential SED application form, available at the admission office, needs to be completed and attached to all the student’s available reports

Admission: Based on the provided applications and documents, the Special Education Department will decide on the next step in the student’s admission and on the special requirements needed (Internal assessments or additional assessments/reports…)

Acceptance: The SED caters for students with: Language based learning difficulties (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, non-verbal learning disorder…), learning gaps, mild speech and language delay/ mild psychomotor delays, ADD/ADHD, and Slow learning.


Head of Special Education Department

Elsy Khallouf Geagea

Tel: +961 1 872145 / 6 / 7 / 8
Fax: +961 1 872149
Email: sed@sagessehs.edu.lb