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A Word from the HD

A Word from the HD

Dear Students,

This academic year is a year like no other year.

It is the first time you return to school without experiencing the excitement of reuniting with your friends and teachers. Names of newly enrolled students were added to the class roasters and were deprived of the face-to-face welcome they deserve. Classrooms and buildings echo as a result of the void and school no longer sounds and feels like the school we are used to. You long for the human interaction with your peers and teachers and look for new ways to preserve the essence of school life that is an integral part of your normal daily routines.

Faculty and staff are rising to the challenge, and are doing their best to simulate the vibrant classroom in a virtual world to be as real as we can aspire for. Current and new technologies as well as teaching strategies have been adopted, by faculty and staff, to continue delivering the quality education they always strive to provide you with.

Indeed, this school year is like no other year!

However, no matter how long it might take to go back to our normal lives, we will continue to look for better alternatives and innovative ways to support you in your educational journey so that you achieve your goals and move on to a new stage in your lives with optimism and determination.

And just as we educators trust in the Lord to fulfill our educational mission, regardless of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our mental health and wellbeing, we count on you to entrust yourselves to the Lord and rely on His illuminating guidance in every step you take and every choice you make in the future for “You are the light of the world.” Make a change.




Lady Maalouf

IB & A.P. Coordinator