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A Word from the HD

Dear Students,

Education is an ongoing process that enables people to advance and prosper at all levels. In this 21st century, education has shifted from traditional and limited to innovative and unlimited levels of access through the world wide web. The technological tools available at hand have empowered learners and educators alike with easy access to information that is unparalleled by any other tool. The advancements in the field of communication have presented people with different platforms and social media networks that spun our lives into a world disconnected from the real world. This virtual world is alienating people from their humanity and in this virtual world people are losing their identities, interpersonal relationships, traditions and cultures.  It is our responsibility, as educators of the future generations, to help learners create a balance between their real worlds and their virtual experiences; a balance that is detrimental in the development and preservation of our individuality as well as the humanity of our people while embracing the technological developments. So make time to disconnect and appreciate your daily lives. Detach from your isolated virtual experiences to share real experiences with your families and friends. Disconnect from the virtual communication to reconnect with the people around you. When there is a will, there is a way so ‘Disconnect to Reconnect’. 

Lady Maalouf
IB & A.P. Coordinator