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A Word from the HD

Dear Students,

‘Time to Value Time’ is our theme for this academic year. This is not a mere coincidence; instead, the theme was chosen for a purpose at this particular stage in the educational journey of our school. This academic year marks the 25th anniversary of Sagesse High School; so indeed it is time to value and celebrate those years. Aeschylus once said, ‘Time as he grows old teaches many lessons,’ and we at SHS have learned a lot from the experiences we lived over the past 25 years.

It is time to cherish our memories and our achievements. It is time to thank all those who contributed to the advancement of our educational programs and our students’ services. Over the years, I have witnessed the growth of our school and the hard work and the long hours that were invested, by all educators, to ensure an up-to-date education to all SHS students. Together we enjoyed the good times, and together we overcame the tough times.  Needless to say that all the hard work and the stress are forgotten when we see our students grow intellectually and emotionally into the young adults portrayed in the school graduate profile, students whose resilience helped them achieve the goals that they set for their futures.

Yet, let us not dwell in the past. Today, it is time to look ahead and envision the future with insight and resolve. So let us envision together, and I am sure that God will bless us as we strive to succeed in our endeavor.

Best regards,

Lady Maalouf
IB & A.P. Coordinator