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A Word from the HD

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A Word from the HD

Dear Students,

‘I Lebanon’

Two words with great symbolism and deep meaning. Words that encompass our identity and define who we are.

‘I Lebanon’ is about the individual, yet, entrenched in the entire Lebanese people.

‘I Lebanon’ is not about isolation and egoism, it is about inclusion and altruism.

The question which each generation is faced with is: Which Lebanon does each one of us aspire to?

A Lebanon whose citizens

Believe in God,

Are genuinely free and secure,

Are law abiding citizens who understand their rights and duties and respect the rights of others,

Are open minded and value the diversity of the Lebanese people,

Believe in coexistence to ensure the unity of the country,

Share common ethical values,

Are educated and cultured,

Are environmentally aware and engaged,

Are empathetic, compassionate and caring,

Are deep-rooted in their country, yet, are well equipped to be responsible global citizens.

A Lebanon that is a Utopia! A Lebanon that is a myth! A Lebanon that is a mirage! A Lebanon that is unreal!

Certainly a Lebanon where each citizen is responsible and is engaged in the development of the country at all levels to move forward towards the Utopia. Certainly a Lebanon where each citizen believes in his capability to make a difference no matter how minor his contribution is. Definitely a Lebanon where each citizen believes in ‘I Lebanon’.



Lady Maalouf

IB & A.P. Coordinator