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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)



Sagesse High School (SHS), was the first Catholic school in Lebanon to be authorized by the International Baccalaureate (IB) as an IB World School and offer the Diploma Programme (DP).

Sagesse High School is also the first school in Lebanon to be accredited as an Athlete Educational Friendly Center (AFEC) by the World Academy of Sport in UK.

In addition, SHS is the only IB World School in Lebanon that is recognized by the Italian government which provides our IBDP graduates the opportunity to continue their studies in universities in Italy.

IBDP is a two-year pre-university rigorous curriculum that is student oriented. The IBDP prepares students to become life-long learners and develops their communication, research, thinking, self-management and social skills. The IB learner profile delineates the attributes of DP students in their endeavor to become individuals who are knowledgeable, thinkers, inquirers, communicators, risk-takers, open-minded, caring, balanced, principled and reflective and hence, contribute in creating a better future. More information is available at www.ibo.org.

In Lebanon, the IB Diploma Programme is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Equivalency Committee recognizes the IB Diploma as equivalent to the Lebanese Baccalaureate Diploma. To this extent, IB Diploma holders are eligible to receive credits when applying to American system universities which can earn them up to 30 Freshman credits and start as a Sophomore student (in Lebanon) or to apply to first year entry level in British system universities (in Canada, England, and Australia for instance).

Lebanese and foreign students must secure an exemption, from the Equivalency Committee, to be allowed to follow a foreign program.

Lebanese and foreign students, who have an exemption from the Equivalency Committee, are eligible to follow the IBDP during the last two years of high school. In this case students may opt to follow the IBDP as a full diploma candidate or as a course candidate. IB Course candidates are only eligible to join freshman, or its equivalent, at university level. 

Lebanese students, who do not have an exemption form the Equivalency Committee, may only follow the full IB Diploma during the last two years of secondary education, yet, they are required to take Arabic A and must pass the school exams in Civics and History (national curriculum) to receive the equivalency for the IB Diploma.

Lebanese students, who do not have an exemption form the Equivalency Committee, may not follow the course candidate program as they are not allowed to join the freshman, or its equivalent, at university level. 

At SHS the IBDP is offered during the last two years of high school/secondary education and the language of instruction is English.

  • At the end of grade 10 American Program, students may choose to follow the IBDP during their last two years of high school.


  • At the end of Secondary 1 Lebanese Program, students may choose to follow the IBDP, yet, they are required to take Arabic A, Civics and History throughout the two DP years.

Students with learning difficulties may request IB authorization for inclusive arrangements in DP.

IB full Diploma students are required to take six subjects from the six subject groups, three at higher level (HL) and three at standard level (SL), and must complete the core requirements (Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay, and Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) program). Full diploma students are required to sit for the IB examinations in the six subjects in May of second diploma year and must complete internal assessment work in the six chosen subjects. In addition, the full diploma student must submit an extended essay, complete the CAS program and attend and complete the requirements of the TOK course.

Students following the Diploma Course Candidate students are required to take six subjects from the six subject groups. They may choose the subject levels (not more than three subjects at higher level) and have the option to register for the TOK, Extended Essay and/or CAS. Course candidates may choose to sit for one or all six subjects in the May examination session at the end of the second DP year.

The courses and levels (HL & SL), offered at SHS, are as follows:

N.B. Arabic A Literature and Language AB Initio are offered only at SL

Group 1:

English A Literature (for students who are exempted from Arabic)

Arabic A Literature (for Lebanese students who are not exempted from Arabic)

Group 2:

French B, or Spanish B, or Arabic B, or

French AB Initio, or Spanish AB Initio, or Arabic AB Initio

Group 3:

Information Technology in a Global Society

Economics, Business Management

Group 4:

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Group 5:

Mathematics Analysis and Approaches

Group 6: (Or another subject choice from Group 3 or 4 instead of the group 6 subject)

Visual Arts

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