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A word from the HD

A word from the HD

Welcome to SHS Preschool division.

As the theme of this year suggests, we have a strong belief that our children are the light of this world. We are confident that with the sparkles that they reflect, a change is being made every day. 

SHS preschool ensures a multiple intelligence nurturing environment where learning opportunities are shaped in a way that will transform our children into holistic SAGES.

By adopting the latest advances in pedagogy, embracing new technologies and exploring new frontiers at all preschool class levels, our preschoolers will finally graduate as well-rounded individuals.

SHS has always been a staple of education throughout the generations, as we have seen learners achieving success and lighting up the world around them.

Finally, let us all bear in mind that “We are the light of this world.” So let us make a change.

May we have a sparkling year together!


Rita Mahfouz Abi Hanna

Head of Preschool Division


Sagesse High School

Ain Saadeh - Metn - Lebanon

Tel: +961-1-872145/6/7/8 Ext 300


POBOX:1476 Beit Mery-Lebanon