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A word from the HD

Welcome to the Preschool Division 

Dear Parents, 

As we open our door at the Preschool Division and welcome your children back to school, we take another step forward in your direction to make this academic year an engaging and enriching learning experience in the life of your child. 

Our team of experienced and highly motivated educators and staff members is always ready to assist your children to promote their skills, all the while keeping a watchful eye over their playing habits, their social behavior, and their emotional well-being. In their world of innocence, we appreciate and encourage their inquisitive eagerness to learn and to explore, and their passion to grab the world in the palm of their small hands. We observe how their tears shift into smiles when they turn to us for trustworthy support. Furthermore, we look forward to their made up stories of heroes or princesses, and all the colors of their imagination which they share with us. Indeed, their world is charming at this age, and we are added value to their learning experience; we downsize our actual world to make it fit into their broader one. That’s how important it is to help them grow into well-balanced human beings. We believe that education is not confined to the boundaries of books; it rather extends to firsthand experiences, observations, team work, and individual curiosity. 

Your trust in our decisions and your support for our school and its system are highly appreciated, and we always have our doors open to you for collaboration. We look forward to remain connected for a better community where respect is mutual, ethics are valued, and professionalism is sought. 

Together we can achieve more! 

Judy Yammine
Head of Preschool Division