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A word from the HD

Positive Role Models

To a child, the parent is the world. He is the source of affection, attention, protection, dedication, and trust. 
He is that person looked up to by the child as an example to be imitated since birth.

A Parent is the child’s first and only role model. Having role models in a child’s life is extremely important, since they are the influencers and a clear vision of how that child is going to turn out eventually.

Role models influence our behavior and how we act, but most importantly they push us to reach higher levels and help us overcome our fears and weaknesses.

“All great leaders, sportsmen and high-achievers have one thing in common
They all have positive role models whom they strived to imitate in some way and eventually end up doing better than their role models.”

What have we parents “the only role model our child looks up” taught them so far?
How great of an example were we?
Did we push them to overcome their weaknesses and fears?
Did we set boundaries that were too easy to reach?
If we as role models do not have discipline ourselves, how do we expect our child to follow our rules, respect us and know their Limits?

This is where we as educators play a role, since school is considered the child’s second home.

To us both parents and educators work hand in hand to encourage good manners, discipline and high education. If discipline is done properly at an early age, then every child will have a promising bright future waiting ahead. We should be there standing side by side helping then turn failure into successes and making their vision of the future clear and successful.

Whether it is a big or small action that we are doing, we should always remember that their little eyes are constantly watching us and their brain is recording every detail and they are learning from us.

So Let us make sure that we are the positive and great Role Model we want them to become eventually.

Nathalie Chalhoub, Head of Preschool Division