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A Word from the HD

Only time can tell who or what you shall become in the future. The journey is not promised to be an easy one, but it will help you become a better decision maker with better aims and lots of ambition. The goals you set will guide you to value time because they come from within your mind and soul. Thus, if you aim to make friends, value the time you spend with them and learn something new about each other every opportunity you get. If you aim to stop bullying, understand one another. If you aim to succeed, value the time you spend with your mentors; do not just learn to benefit from their experience but acknowledge your dreams along the way. If you aim to be adventurous, value yourself as a risk taker, assess the situation, and be confident of your success. When you aim to be a Sagesse High School student, value every opportunity you are offered through its mission statement to make lifetime memories. Remember, the journey will not be perfect, but your choices should be, and time will surely tell. 

I value every story you are inspiring, and I look forward to see how you will shine with time.



Judy Yammine

Head of Lower Elementary Division