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A Word from the HD

The education of a human being cannot be confined to the boundaries of books and the walls of schools when we are dealing with the 21st century learner. We have to own up to the facilities this generation has and the ways these facilities expose them to information and cultural exchanges. While our students have the chance to develop the largest networks of connections, they do not realize that they are drawing away from quality time and close interactions with others.

This year’s Sagesse High School theme is You Matter, and through it we develop the foundations of communication and interactions. We provide our students with opportunities that lead them to become team players, heard negotiators, and successful leaders who are enriched with values. Indeed, these are the building blocks of an educated society. Thus, the approach might have changed to remain at pace with the 21st century learner, but there are certain values we owe this generation because our children matter.

At Sagesse High School, we believe in our children’s potentials. The opportunities they have to develop and promote their skills remain numerous in the learning environment we offer them. We educate them to be socially responsible citizens and active learners. Under the supervision and guidance of their educators, we aim to raise a generation of independent learners and to enrich their learning with educational opportunities and experiences.


Judy Yammine

Head of Lower Elementary Division