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A Word from the HD

Education is a rightful mission that engages students in a lifelong learning process and prepares them to become responsible citizens. Our theme this year is You Matter, and since our students are highly valuable to us, it is our role as educators to reinforce their development as humans. 

We guide them to be reliable citizens in their communities. We acknowledge their humanitarian image, and we guide them to become decision makers. Thus, they can hold on to their own destiny with pride and integrity. Moreover, we instill cultural values such as being independent citizens. Yet, it is not easy to claim independence unless it is synchronized with responsibility. Once they hold responsibility, student can be held accountable for their actions, they will develop strategies to be more organized, and they will meet challenges with grace and wit. 

We aim to have every Sagesse High School student develop values that are in alignment with the school’s mission statement and its educational vision. When our students feel how fit they are in the school’s environment, they can understand how much they matter to us, their educators. 

Fr. Jihad Saliba
Head of Secondary Division