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A word from the HD

Welcome to the Intermediate Division 
Dear Parents and Students, 
Teenage is the time when students start to build their own personality and start to test it with the closest people to them: their parents and siblings at home, and their teachers and supervisors at school. Therefore, the responsibility in raising these students double-fold: one at home and another at school. 
You as parents should know that this teenager has his/her needs on all level but especially on the psychological level since the personality will not have a second chance to do that. So, I urge you to understand them more and listen to them and see the world through their own eyes since the future is theirs and not ours. 
We at the Intermediate Division are fully aware of the significant changes teenagers undergo during this period of their lives. Hence, we strive at helping them develop their identity while at the same maintain a well-balanced character and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to face the world. 
I wish all students luck and hard work during this academic year, and to the parents I say do not live your dreams through your children since they have their own dream to live. 
Mireille Kopaly 
Head of Intermediate Division