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Visual Arts

Visual Arts


Throughout the course students will be ready to overcome any difficulty or weakness, relate any life event to their work, back up their ideas and relate them to art history and previous experiences. The more we move up the higher the skills that our students develop, we start from simple grid drawings up to digital media “the world we live in today”, from early cave drawings “aboriginal art” up until contemporary art…


Students are guided every step of the way up until they reach their secondary years and this is where we encourage them to guide themselves and develop more skills through research and start seeing everything around them in a critically analytical way.

“We make sure to unravel every potential so that they can learn from their failures and turn them into success.”


We are hoping to have an alumni exhibition area where our graduate students can exhibit their art pieces and people from outside the school can come and buy any of their works. This will keep our student connected, fund the department and help our alumni help pay with their university expenses or even make pocket money, while enjoying what they like doing most.




Through the Arts classes, we make sure to provide a quality holistic education to students from diverse backgrounds, in a creative, fun, safe, loving, and nurturing environment that promotes respect, appreciation, self-confidence and belief.


We motivate each member of our students to reach their full academic, spiritual, creative, physical, emotional, and social potential, so they become life-long learners, compassionate leaders, faithful stewards, and actively responsible citizens through engaging in hands on activities, presentations, research, debate, exploration and relating history to contemporary.


Motto Arts course 2020

As arts teachers, we believe that we should be ready to help students feel inspired, capable and creative even when life gets a little messy.

We believe that students should not worry about how to express themselves, but instead

“Just draw things the way they see them and give everybody the freedom to perceive them differently.”


Course Description


This is a course is designed to teach the fundamentals of design, starting from simple tracing, coloring, up to 3 dimensional and digital artworks.


Starting from grade 1, students investigate a wide range of media, resources and techniques, from both a historical and cultural context, as they engage in the art-making processes and create artwork from a wide range of categories and techniques.


The course provides our students with practical experience in painting, photography, drawing, digital imaging, calligraphy, illustration, figure drawing, modeling and simulation, sculpture, bas relief, assemblage and more. The course will enhance their understanding of art and help develop many skills, Creativity is an obvious but extremely important skills gained from art education are “observation, self-expression, discipline, perseverance, collaboration, risk taking, exploring and self-direction and development of fine and gross motor skills for younger students.”