~~~~Welcome to Sagesse High School ~~~~~          We are now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2023- 2024          Congratulations to our students for 1st (Science), 2nd (Science) and 3rd (Mathematics) prizes in AUB Math and Science Annual Fair, This is Sagesse High School          Dear Parents, The Development Fund for the academic year 2023-2024 is $1,000 per family starting April 19, 2023.          Dear Parents, You are kindly reminded that in celebration of Resistance and Liberation Day, the school is closed on May 25, 2023. May 26, 2023 is a regular school day.         

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Sagesse High School launched its Social Work and Financial Aid Office to provide financial support for families who cannot meet the cost of tuition in the form of tuition fees reductions.


In order to be eligible to receive a tuition assistance administered through the Social Work and Financial Aid Office, families must:

  • Fill in the Financial Aid Application available online Click here to download the application);
  • Be in good standing with regards to the previous years’ tuitions (no outstanding tuition fees);
  • Pay the first trimester fee in full;
  • Submit the required documents:
  • Recent photo of the student
  • Copy of the family civil status
  • Medical report in case of sickness
  • Latest landline phone, mobile, electricity, water, etc.
  • Salary Attestations of all working members of the family who may or may not benefit from any financial aid
  • Make an appointment with the Financial Aid Officer/Social Worker (ext. 380) by the end of February.



Upon studying each file, the family income, assets, and expenses, including educational costs for other children will be taken into account, but the priority will be given to families:

  • Who submit a complete Financial Aid file;
  • Have more than two children enrolled in school;
  • Have only one working member in the family or less;
  • With an income under USD 2,000 per month;
  • Who did not benefit from financial aid in previous years;
  • Whose child(ren) have been enrolled at SHS from more than one year;
  • Who do not benefit from financial school support (i.e. Military Corps or association that pays a part of the tuition fees)



  • The highest level of confidentiality is maintained throughout the entire procedure.
  • Tuition discounts will be deducted from the third trimester fees.
  • Prospective applicants should also bear in mind that the discount on their children’s tuition is limited only to the tuition fee and does not apply to additional expenses such as stationery, uniforms, food expenses, medical insurance, and after school activities.
  • Financial aid applications are valid for one academic year and a new application is required for each new academic year.
  • The Social Work and Financial Aid Office reserves the right to review or revoke any award upon the discovery of incorrect or falsified information, or errors in the determination of need and eligibility for aid.
  • A home visit to the family may be required in order to receive the aid.
  • Final decisions will be taken during the month of March of each year.


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