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Recruitment and Selection of Teaching Staff Policy

Please note that this policy is mandatory and staff is required to adhere to the content


The Recruitment and Selection of Teaching Staff at Sagesse High School Policy outlines the principles and process for the appointment of teaching staff at school.

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September 2014

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Lebanese Ministry of Education



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June 2014

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September 2015



Recruitment and Selection of Teaching Staff Policy


This policy outlines the principles and processes for recruitment and selection of teaching staff at Sagesse High School.


This policy covers all divisions and departments at Sagesse High School.


The following principles underpin the policy:

  • Teacher quality is a major determinant of quality education outcomes for students and we will seek to attract and retain the best teachers to inspire and support students.
  • Departments and Divisions have the maximum flexibility to select teachers who best suit their needs and circumstances within established and agreed upon frameworks.
  • The school will be required to declare ongoing positions as it is a professional and ethical responsibility.
  • Temporary contract employment is available for genuine operational reasons to meet certain defined conditions, where permanent employment is unable to be offered.

Describing Positions

The school will describe vacant teaching positions consistent with the requirements identified. The position descriptions will detail whether the vacancy is ongoing or temporary and other relevant information, as described in the Procedures for the Recruitment and Selection of Teaching Staff at School.

Ongoing Positions

An ongoing position does not have an end date, and can be described when:

  • the position is vacant
  • a new vacancy is created that can be funded on an ongoing basis.

Temporary Positions

A temporary position is for a fixed period of time with a specified commencement and end date.

A temporary position may be declared when:

  • a teacher holds a right of return to the school.
  • the school is undergoing a defined curriculum or major function change project.
  • the school is undergoing enrolment decline and ongoing position cannot be sustained.


Filling Vacancies

Ongoing positions

In the first round of advertising, all ongoing teaching vacancies are advertised online. Advertised vacancies are open to all eligible teachers. Applications are e-mailed through the school’s website or in person and are managed by the Head of Secretariat. The process is initiated at this stage.

Temporary positions

Existing SHS teachers who are eligible to be considered for temporary positions are considered in the first instance for temporary positions. If an appointment is not made, the position can be advertised by the school. The process is initiated at this stage.


All appointments will be made at the school through open selection processes.


Regardless of the outcome of the process described below, the school Rector retains the final and nullifying decision making authority.

Application Process

  • Advertised vacancies are applied for through e-mail or in person to the Head of Secretariat.
  • The concerned Head of Department reviews lodged applications and contacts teachers deemed as qualified.
  • The concerned Head of Department sets the interview appointment and meets with the applicant.
  • Upon the successful completion of the interview, the concerned Head of Department sets a second interview in consultation with the Recruitment Panel (The recruitment Panel includes the following: the concerned Head of Department, the concerned Head of Division, representatives of relevant language departments, and field related full-time teacher).
  • The Recruitment Panel interviews the applicant.
  • A formal report (Download) is issued by the recruitment panel within 48 working hours of the interview.
  • Based on the formal report, the concerned Head of Department contacts the successful applicant, within 72 hours, to set a model class.
  • The model class is conducted in a set setting with the concerned Head of Department, Coordinator, a Supervisor,  Representative of the relevant language department, one or more field related full-time teacher, and one or more field unrelated full-time teacher.
  • The model class is followed by a formal report (Download) submitted by the concerned Head of Department and signed by all those who have conducted the model class observation.
  • The rector reviews and accepts or rejects the lodged appointment request and report.
  • If rejected, the interview process ends and a new applicant is sought after. The concerned Head of Department e-mails the unsuccessful applicant a brief explanation that explains the reasons for the termination of the interview process.
  • If accepted, the applicant meets with the School Rector to finalize all pending financial and legal logistics.
  • Upon the closing of the interview, the applicant is asked to read and sign the SHS Teacher’s Handbook.
  • Upon the signature of the applicant, the Accounting Department proceeds with contract drafting.

Required Referees

All applicants must submit the contact details and titles of two referees that should not be related to the applicant. These referees will be contacted by the concerned Head of Department.

Minimum Requirements
(The fulfillment of these requirements does not guarantee the applicant’s successful recruitment.)

  1. A BA or BS in the related field.
  2. A Teaching Diploma or equivalent years of experience.
  3. A clean Criminal Record.
  4. Willingness to adhere to internal regulations and policies.

Required Documents

  1. Lodged Application
  2. Resume
  3. Certificates
  4. Criminal Record


If an applicant provides false information the application is immediately terminated.


Adapted from: Harris, Arlene H. and Monica Farmer Cox. “Developing an Observation System to Capture Instructional Differences in Engineering Classrooms.” Journal of Engineering Education 92 (2003): 329-336.

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